Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

Day 11: I need proof I'm not alone!

     I managed to contact HoN Co. last night and I got a response early this morning: they said that I was probably worrying about nothing... that the strange shadows were probably just animals wandering around the cliffs... I know what I saw, it was no animal! Even so, that wouldn't explain my encounter with the zombie! But they had an explanation for that too: stress-induced hallucinations! They said that what with the new job, setting up and getting things ready for my job, the build-up of stress and lack of sleep had caused me to see things! I'd been here four days and slept remarkably well! And as for stress, I am stressed, but only recently! In any case, they went on to say that I need actual proof to suggest something strange is going; photographs of the actual creature or thing that I saw! I don't think they even took the runes from the book seriously! Well, as you can imagine, I was pretty furious about this; they weren't here ad yet they were trying to give explanations to things they had't seen! Well, as soon as i'd read the message, I went straight down to the water trap; equipped with my bow and camera! I wasn't taking any chances! As I approached, I heard a scuffling and splashing... I had high hopes, but as I neared the edge, I soon found it had only trapped a sheep... There was no sign of anything else being in the trap, and therefore I couldn't contact HoN Co. about any further evidence...

     It was at this point I decided to change my tactics: if whatever the shadow belonged to was anything like the zombie, it was more than likely after food. I don't know why I jumped to this conclusion, but I backed it up by leaving the sheep in the trap and tossing a few pork chops into the water. I knew that the sheep wasn't going to eat them, and if they disappeared, then I knew something had gotten into the trap. The only things I know that eat meat are me and the wolf, but he's always with me, so I'd know if it was him! I left the pit there and, a little disappointed, I decided to try some mining! For all I knew, catching this thing could take days, weeks, even months! So, by wasting time waiting for it, I wouldn't accomplish anything... Returning to the house, the wolf was where I had left him: on the porch, lying down, looking out over the sea. I returned the bow and the quiver to the chest under the stairs and took out my mining gear. As I did, I glanced over at the small pouch I had found a few days ago. I had a feeling it was sulphur; an active ingredient in TNT, but what if it wasn't? What if it could be used in tandem with the book to perform... sorcerous magic?! I closed the lid of the chest, and cast it from my mind. Heading down the ladder into the cellar, and the mine, I took careful note of the position of objects within the cellar. The mineshaft was technically the most vulnerable spot for creatures to gain access, and I didn't want them getting the drop on me!

     I spent about 4 hours extending one of the shafts to cover as much ground as possible. I took careful consideration about where I dug, especially as my farm was close to this shaft on the surface. The last thing I needed was a flooded shaft! I'm glad I decided to distract myself with mining as I found a few veins of coal and a huge iron deposit! There was easily enough iron to make a door for the forge I had begun building, and I decided to begin work with that again! Returning to the surface with the iron, I noticed that the wolf had returned inside. I don't know why, but I said "What's up Chiron?". He responded! He actually looked back at me and panted! I don't know whether this was because I had entered the room, or whether he had actually understood me, but I decided to test it. I went outside, leaving him back in the kitchen and shouted "Chiron". Within moments, the wolf had ran out of the house to greet me! I think I found him a new name!

     I left the iron in a chest next to the furnace, and left Chiron (has a ring to it, doesn't it?) panting happily on the porch, I returned to the lava pit. The cobblestone walls were as I had left them, but I noticed a few feathers close to the pit edge; obviously a chicken, or something with wings, had gotten a little too close to the lava! I retrieved them and placed them into my inventory for crafting arrows, and went about making a fence for the lava pit edge. I then used the blocks of cobblestone I had stored earlier to increase the height of the walls. I then constructed a stone staircase around one of the corners to allow me to gain an elevated view of the pit. If I placed windows here too I'd be able to view the cliff system safely and hidden from view. Due to the light generated from the lava pit, there was no need to use torches. This saved on coal, but I was worried the light might attract the attention of other animals and creatures. So I constructed wooden panels for the windows to block out the light from the outside! I began crafting some windows for the actual building when I heard another scuffling outside, near to the Northern wall of the forge. I was instantly on edge, but I went into defensive mode and brandished the iron poker like a weapon. I went outside, and peered round the corner, only to find a very curious chicken perched on the edge of the window sill. Relaxing slighty, I lowered the poker and turned around, glancing back at the trap: still nothing. I finished constructing the glass panes for the lower floor windows, and began on the walkway for the upper floor. It was then that I decided that an office or saferoom would come in very handy, especially if I see the shadows again; it would make a perfect base between the cliffs and the house.

     After constructing the main walls for the saferoom on the upper floor, I decided it would be best to go back home and have another crack at that book. The more evidence I could get, the better! Besides, Chiron always pined for me when I was away. I've just got back, and the strangest thing just happened: I found my sword! I don't remember losing it, but I couldn't find it a few days ago when I needed it. But now, here it is on my bed, with Chiron lying next to it. I'm beginning to suspect that Chiron may get a little bored without me sometimes. Might need to have a rota for days I work and days I stay at home with Chiron! I'm going to bury my head in the mysterious book again and see what I can dig out!

Syeonyx signing off

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