Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

Day 21: Beach-facing wall finished!

     Today I worked like no other man has ever worked! I completed an entire wall, including the towers for the two corners of the wall! I woke up especially early to get a headstart. I wanted a decent portion of it finished so I had some form of early protection against whatever is out there during the night! I started off with the South-Westerly tower so that I had a lookout post to check if anything was coming. It wasn't long after about 10 in the morning that I had that finished! It was then that a brilliant idea struck: emergency escape route! I decided to build an escape route from the top of the newly constructed tower, underneath the wall and onto the external side! I would conceal it of course, but it would provide an excellent means of escape if there was a need to. It would also provide an excellent way of getting back into the limits of the wall, by going through the tower!

     After about midday, I had already begun on the South-Eastern tower and was making excellent headway! It was then that I started contemplating a gate: how would I ensure that only things I wanted to could gain entry inside the walls? Like the task force! The one thought that occurred to me was rather insane, but would provide an excellent means of entry and security: pistons! I could make use of pistons to either push aside a door or allow one to fall into and out of the ground. This would require mass amounts of planning and technical drawings... as I hadn't heard from HoN Co. yet, I had plenty of time. I finished the South-Eastern tower just after about 2:00pm and it was already a fine sight; the towers standing as great monoliths to the magnificance that was the wall! I had successfully created a barrier to the outside! For one side... which had a hole in it... But still... I was in awe of my work and began immediately on extending the wall round both edges of the house. This would provide protection against everything on all sides, and would ensure that I never came across anything unexpected again! I decided that a wooden barricade would do for now, and had one erected in less than an hour!

     It was a little after 5pm when I realised that the top and inside of the walls required lighting; if I was to see anything within the walls, i would have to illuminate the area. So I went about crafting masses of torches from the spare coal I had stored away. After an hour of torch crafting, I scaled the wall and began planting torches on alternating sides of the wall to minimise the use of torches, but maximise the amount of light generated by them... It was then that it started raining! I swear it has rained A LOT since the Creeper incident! I don't know the weather patterns or seasons in this land, but it sure seems to have rained more than usual. I was forced to retreat for the day, back to the house. Just before going inside, I took one last photo of the wall so far:

     I've since been drawing up plans for this piston-operated gate, door thingy! I haven't decided what method to use, but the barricade would do for the moment. I had more pressing matters of shifting mass amounts of stone, sand and dirt! The beach head was fine, it was all flat sand (something I wish to replace at a later date anyway), but on either side of the house were large hills composed of stone with a thin layer of top soil. This would takes AGES to shift! I don't know if it'd be done even by the time the task force came... That is, if HoN Co. are sending one... I'm still waiting for a reply from them about that... Hope I get a reply soon.

     Off to bed now, happy in the knowledge that nothing will come to kill me... not if it comes out of the sea anyway! I just hope I get a reply from HoN Co. soon...

Syeonyx signing off

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