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Day 17: WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!

     I am officially freaked out!!! I don't know what's real any more! I don't know what to do, I'm so scared and confused! There's so much to tell, and yet I understand so little of it! I'll start from the beginning:

     Today began like any other day; I woke up, had an early breakfast and began to plan the days events. I'd spent the majority of the day mining yesterday and so I thought it would be nice to go exploring. I was able to construct a very crude compass from some redstone and iron. Placing it into a wooden container and crafting a small glass lens, I was able to determine the direction of each compass point based on the position of the sun. I was actually surprised at how accurate it was! As I didn't know what to expect, I filled my inventory with food; pork, fish and bread. I then retrieved my leather overalls that I had made awhile back and placed my quiver into the bag too. I also decided to take my sword with me, as well as a shovel and a pickaxe, just in case I came across any useful finds on the surface.

     I couldn't tell which direction to go in, but before heading off I decided to check on my farm. Heading down to the beach, I also noticed my cacti plantation was thriving! I hoped it would act as a nice barrier to anything that attempts to get into my little mining settlement. The farm was doing great; the wheat was nearly ready and the reeds were quickly spreading and reseeding itself with little issue. I guess making a running stream was a bright idea! I returned back up the stairs to the house and decided to check on the forge and the water trap. Once again I hadn't got high hopes about the trap, but it was still something I could tick off as done for the day. I got to the forge and secured the door because I didn't know how long I would be, and then I went to check on the trap. Once again, there was a green thing bobbing around in the water! Remembering what it was yesterday, I looked up at the overhanging branches and cursed to myself. As I neared the green branch I noticed that it was moving. I assumed it was the current of the water doing this and continued approaching. But then it turned around and bobbed to the far side of the trap... It definately wasn't a branch! I must've made a noise when I was confused because it turned around and made the most hideous face I'd ever seen!

     It then widened its gaping maw and began to emit a low rasping hiss! I took out my sword and prepared myself in case it tried to attack me, but instead the hissing got steadily louder, and then it began to swell in size. Then it disappeared in a flash of light, a huge cloud of smoke and a bang. It was like it had popped. I shielded my eyes from the light with my arm and then looked back at the creature... only to find it wasn't there... just a hole where it had stood. Stranger still was that all the water in the trap had completely disappeared!

     I stared in disbelief at the slightly smoking hole where the strange green creature had stood moments before! Lowering my sword, I peered further into the hole, but was only met with the sides of the trap. I dug a small recess into the side of the trap and cautiously lowered myself into it, taking note of everything! As I reached the base of the trap, I noticed a familiar grey powder close to where the creature had stood. It was the same stuff that I had found in the pouch... I was sure of it! The next logical thought was that the creature had blown up, leaving an explosive residue behind! It had sacrificed itself for some reason! Was this a reflex action of it being seen, or maybe it hadn't blown itself up... maybe it had teleported somewhere else! This got me even more worried and I quickly climbed out of the trap. Reclaiming my sword, I decided that now was the time I should explore the cliff system where I saw the shadow awhile back! It was literally now or never! I cautiously strode towards the cliffs, not knowing what to expect...

     Just as I neared the edge, it quickly grew dark and it began to rain! I saw this as a bad omen... first the weird creature in the trap and now this! In the distance I could see more looming shadows but I couldn't distinguise what or who they belonged to. For all I knew, there could be more of those creatures looming around in the dark. Then it struck me: if it was getting dark now, what was stopping them coming out into the open! More worringly, what if they lay hidden in my forest; it was very dark and a perfect place for these strange creatures!

     With this thought at the forefront of my mind, I beat a hasty retreat back to the house! I removed the water-soden leather armour and made sure that the door was securely closed. Chiron was sitting in the far corner of the kitchen, growling at the window. Something had definately spooked him... it wasn't just me being stupid! I went up to the top floor and out onto the balcony and watched the sun go over the horizon. The rain kept coming down, soaking me to the bone, whilst all around I could see strange shadows fumbling around... Chiron was still growling; I could hear him over the rain... WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?! I think the zombies are back! I think they found me... or someone found me! Maybe another person is still here who has the ability to control them! The book! It has to be the key!

     I've just forced a book shelf against the door and barricaded the entrance to the balcony from my room. I've also shut the room up containing the ladder down to the cellar; I'm not taking any chances!!! I've just sent those images of the creature to HoN Co. via my PDA. There! They have their evidence... they have to send someone now!

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