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Day 19: Finally got a message from HoN Co.!!!

     I finally got a message from HoN Co. concerning the strange creature I saw and the pigpen cipher/Latin runes in the book I found. They said that the two are linked, the creature is referred to as "CREEP" in Latin, meaning "CREEPER" and the "SERPERE" I kept translating doesn't refer to a snake, but refers to the verb "TO CREEP". I initially thought it was an apt name being called a Creeper because both Latin translations refer to its movement and the noise it makes. They went on to say that the book is some sort of experiment, containing sorcerous magic to imbue this Creeper creature with some sort of power! The book documented the other creatures of Minecraftia: "skeletal archers and zombies, but they are plagued with the inability to roam during the day! Undead creatures cannot be touched by the light! The Creepers however were mutated through a sorcerous experiment which imbued them with the power to roam the land during the day without turning to ash!" When I read this bit I stopped suddenly; there were more of them?!?! I had initially thought that this creature I had seen was the one performing the magic, and had convinced myself it had teleported. Now I had learnt that not only were there more of these Creepers, but there were also skeletons! Although on the rather gloomy bright side, they couldn't roam the land during the day because of the sun! I suppose that's what the name of the book refers to! The people at HoN Co. say that the book actually says that the Creepers violently explode when threatened and are considered a "hostile presence in the land of Minecraftia"!

     I don't know what to do now... there are more than one of these creatures... and they aren't restrained by daylight! They're immune! Which puts me in danger! HoN Co. said they hadn't fully finished the translation, but would contact me again at some point within the next few hours. They said that they are preparing a task force to investigate the strange goings on. They said the best thing to do would be to stay inside and wait for further instructions from them! I'm to seal off the mine with any means necessary, and to not draw attention to my location; they want me to remove the torches from the outside of the house! But how will they see me? They won't know my location! I've decided to go against their orders and leave the torches up... at least until the task force arrives and secures the area.

     I daren't leave the house in case one of those Creepers is hiding somewhere close by and decides that my house would look better with a hole in it! I couldn't see anything outside of the windows, from either of the floors... Nothing from the balcony either, but then again my house is on a small lip of the hill with steep drops on three of the four sides! Who knows what's down there. How do I know they haven't found a way in through the mines and are slowly making progress towards the cellar! I've gotta stop doing that! They are not there, there is nothing out to get me! I just need to keep calm, stay inside and wait for a response from HoN Co. It shouldn't be too long now, surely... Although, I don't know how long a task force would take to get here... presumably if they went by sea or by air, it'd still take days. I can't stay locked up in this house for days! I need to get out... I need to see what's going on! And my guess places the centre of the activity squarely on the cliff system close to the forge! That seems to be a hotbed of activity and shadows since day 1!

     I didn't find anything in the mines; I went to do a quick check, kitted out with the full metal armour and sword. I don't think they can get in that way... There's no point in flooding the area if there's nothing there. I could block of the back door entrance to secure that area... but what if I go exploring and get trapped... what if I need to use that back door as an escape route back to the house? Nope, it's best left the way it is. I must say though, aside from the occasional growl, Chiron is doing rather well! In fact, he seems more bored than usual. But I daren't risk going out with him... I don't know how he'd react if he saw a Creeper. I don't know how I'd react to be honest!

Syeonyx signing off

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