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Show and tell

     Taking only what was essential back with us, we began to slowly make our way back to the portal, where we would discuss our findings in detail, giving everyone a detailed picture of the situation. We were all anxious to know whether SERVERE had been back yet as well, although UOPETA hadn't come to inform us at all. Not as far as me, THEROS and THEXIS knew anyway... I was also intrigued by this plan of COLUS's that he had already cooked up whilst we had been collecting the Ender Eyes, and whether it related to finding the HoN Co. HQ. I was happy either way; we were returning to Minecraftia and I was back with Amie. A few days rest maybe and I would be back in fighting form, ready to take back the two Ender Eyes that HoN Co. possess.

"We managed to get quite a bit done while you were away. Not only did we come up with a contingency plan in the instance that you may not come back with all of the Eyes, but we investigated their base a little more, gaining valuable information that could prove invaluable in the future. Not only that, but UOPETA came into the Nether with news of SERVERE's return."

"Really? That's great news! Although it's a little late now for him to give us any information about the location of the Ender Eyes... We have three of them, and we've got a god idea where the other two are..."

"True, but I sent UOPETA back a day or two ago to tell SERVERE to investigate the truth behind the information we uncovered at the base."

"Why? What did you find?"

"Well, I assume you didn't come across any odd creatures whilst out retrieving the Eyes...?"

"Apart from the Guardians, none at all... We had a brush with a HoN Co. guard team, but what were you saying about the creatures?"

"We found out why they're not around here... We initially thought it was because HoN Co. was experimenting on them, trying to find ways to make them domesticated up to the point of a guard dog. We also thought they were using their own crafted Affinitas cages to lure them to where they were needed. Well, we were partly right..."

"How do you mean? Are they experimenting on them?"

"Yes and no. I've had to have SERVERE go an verify this, but we found a lot of evidence to suggest that HoN Co. are trying to find ways of bringing the creatures from the Nether into Minecraftia..."


"We found a few reports documenting the partial success of encouraging the pig-men, ghasts, Guardians and many more to make use of the portals, to be attracted to their respective cages placed in locations within Minecraftia..."

"Ghasts...? What's one of them...?"

"You know those strange, floating white squid we came across last time we were here; well it seems that HoN Co. have named them ghasts... Not only that, but we've found data suggesting that there are many more hostile creatures that exist in the Nether, and proof that HoN Co. want to use them as guard dogs to protect vital places they have in Minecraftia."

"Why would HoN Co. need to protect their places with creatures from this dimension? Why can't they just use Creepers like they used to do...?"

"Apparently the Creepers are inefficient and far too volatile. Little provocation is needed to set a Creeper to detonate itself... It seems HoN Co. were trying to find ways of efficiently protecting the Ender Eyes they fully intended to take all of. They were going to implement these Nether guard dogs to protect them, all in separate locations, each with a massive array of guards from the Nether."

"It's a good job then that we've got three of them then. But that still leaves the other two. Did you find out where these sites were being set up?"

"From the details within the reports, they were only going to set up four sites to hide the Eyes and protect them, although what they had in mind for the fifth Eye I don't know..."

"Maybe they were going to run tests on one of them...?"

We all turned to look at OROTHO, who's valid point seemed to throw us all off a little. Despite the logic behind that, it made no sense with regards to activating the portal. Why would HoN Co. go to the trouble of finding all five Eyes, but not use them to open the portal to take the Keystone...?

"Maybe they don't know about the other use for the Keystone. Maybe they don't know about it at all... I wouldn't be surprised if they had a feeling they knew what we were after and wanted to take them before we had the chance. Without the Eyes, the portal would remain closed, and our one chance of truly knocking HoN Co. down would remain sealed away..."

"How would they know though? Are you saying that someone is spying on us?"

"They have their Elite soldiers, don't forget. Their stealth suits could mean that we could be surrounded by many of them, and not even realise it..."

"Either that or SERVERE isn't as secretive as he makes out..."

We remained quiet after that final comment; it had brought a lot more distrust to the surface instantly, and it wasn't needed. I didn't know SERVERE anywhere near as well as the others, but with the amount of cooperation that SERVERE has provided to us was more than enough to suggest he was fighting for the right side. It was enough for me anyway, although looking at the faces around me, I got the impression the others were trying to determine if SERVERE could now still be trusted...

     After arriving back at the base, we settled in for a good half an hour or so before getting to work exchanging information. Once arranged around the table, we allowed COLUS to finish telling us what he had found out whilst we had been retrieving the Ender Eyes, before we moved on. COLUS seemed worried about our little "spat" - as THEROS called it - with the HoN Co. guards, and was even more worried about the possible repercussions of such an incident. After a lot of discussion about this topic, COLUS stated that there was a high chance that HoN Co. would attempt to infiltrate the base with Elite soldiers, so everywhere was one lock-down. We had locked off the hidden wall that led from the passage to the portal chamber, and all doors between it and the base. We had also locked down every door within the tunnel that snaked its way across to the conducting tower, and we had locked down all access to these doors from the lab. We also secured the iron mine from the inside before locking off access to the front as well. The only way the Elite soldiers were going to spy on us is if they were already here. I wish I hadn't thought of that... We settled in for the night, Amie choosing to sleep in my room with me for security. Tomorrow we would have a lot to sort out, but until then I was happy to remain in Amie's company with no-one to bother us.

Syeonyx signing off

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