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Planning ahead pt. 2

     There was a lot to plan out and finalise before SERVERE returned with the maps we needed, and even then we weren't finished there. Any and all phases of the plan would need to be re-evaluated one we knew the layout of the HoN Co. headquarters. I thought I heard wrong when there was the mention of the word "phases", but it turns out that to make it into one large plan would mean there was a lot more changing and moving around of specific aspects of it. Instead the plan would be broken down into smaller segments so each was easier to complete and keep a track of. However this brought more issues in the forms of dependencies, where certain phases of the plan wouldn't work before a previous part had been completed before it. The largest dependency was obviously that every step leading after the retrieval of the layout relied upon the actual blueprints being with us. That meant we would have to wait for SERVERE before we could continue any further. Once that was achieved, an entire array of modular phases started, and depending on the accuracy and detail of the blueprints, a whole series of assumptions had to be made as well. After the list we had drawn up was complete - and it was long list too! - we were split into small teams to begin the preliminary phases of the plan. I was given the task of risk assessment, and teamed with OROTHO and Amie, so I could hardly complain. Joe, AMPHIS and THEXIS worked on communications, leaving UOPETA THEROS and COLUS concentrating on navigation, protection and offensive capabilities...

"If what SERVERE said was true, we're going to have a lot more to content with than just HoN Co. guards and the Elite soldiers."

"That's true; they're likely to have some basic level of security at the least. But if HoN Co. are as paranoid about us as a threat as I believe them to be, we're going to find ways past motion sensors, CCTV, infra-red cameras, biometrics, the whole she-bang!"

"True, but they're likely to only use those systems within the main building. If these new extensions are recent, they won't be outfitted with the same level of security. Not only that, but they are likely to be unmanned, instead favouring the security system put in the form of those pig-men..."

"Not only that, but those ghast creatures, and possible the undead and Creepers too! I'm hoping my darts will be enough to get us past those creatures without too much hassle, although I'm beginning to think that a blowpipe isn't the best delivery method... Maybe if I can find a way to..."

"Hey, OROTHO! Leave that side of things to COLUS and the others! We're on risk assessment! There are bound to be more risks than just the creatures, guards and Elite soldiers. There will be security systems, scientists, researchers and other civilians. There are bound to be more than that, and we need to be as thorough as possible. The more we come up with now, the less we need to change or add to later..."

We continued to discuss the full extent of the risks that we would encounter, going into a lot of detail about some of them. Every now and then I would overhear small sections from the other two groups, along with mentions of something that would interest OROTHO and benefit his improvement on the blowpipe idea. As well as that, there were mentions of map copies to ensure that whichever way we finalised it, any and all groups would possess a map of their own. We would need to ensure that so none of us were disadvantaged. We would have to go all out on this one. Once we had the Eyes, we would have to return to the base and find the entry back to the portal through the cliff mine. If we got the Eyes...

Syeonyx signing off

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