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Day 153: Dream Teller

     I didn't have that dream last night, although it wouldn't be the first time that it'd been days where I'd not dreamt about it... I had had other dreams which were linked to our current situation, but I was unable to retain any detail to them at all. But it has got me thinking about it, and I've decided to at least voice my concerns to Amie about the dream. I would have done it last night, but I felt so safe and happy with Amie so close to me that I didn't want to ruin the mood. But now she was awake, and I couldn't think of a better time to talk to her about it; for the rest of the day we would all be very busy and I was unlikely to get the chance to talk to her about it, least of all on her own... I gave her a few minutes to fully wake up and dress herself before I began to go through the dream with her. I started with the beginning which always played out the same, and then I took her through the four different endings I could remember that played out sequentially. I could remember every vivid detail despite the length of time that spanned between now and the last one I had had with crystal clear clarity. It was almost as though my mind wasn't allowed to forget any of it. Amie sat on the edge of my bed in silence the entire time, listening to every word I spoke; her face showing a mixed expression of both concern and intrigue. When I finished, we sat in silence for a full minute. Then she said the five words I didn't think she would say!

"We need to tell COLUS..."

We left my room together, heading straight to the discussion room in search of COLUS, but not finding anyone, we went to the lab where he was a regular there as much as OROTHO. He wasn't there either, and we were beginning to think he hadn't awoken yet, which was highly irregular for him.

"OROTHO, do you happen to know where COLUS is? We need to talk to him about a serious matter?"

"He's with AMPHIS in the library. Why, what's so important?"

"We'll tell you if COLUS can make anything of it. Do you know why he's in the library? What's he looking for?"

"I don't know. I think he mentioned something about this plan of his, although he's keeping that to himself at the moment. I gather it might have something to do with a map that THEROS drew up some time ago and it might actually show where the HoN Co. HQ is... Or where it could be at least..."


We headed off out of the lab and to the right towards the library where we should be able to find COLUS talking with AMPHIS. As far as I knew, THEROS and the others were still asleep, and rightly so considering the amount of work we'd been going through over the past few days. The really disorientating thing was that UOPETA seemed to think we hadn't been gone as long as we had. Obviously because of the time distortion, that was literally the case, but it was still really hard to get your head around...


     We managed to find COLUS in the library, on the bottom level where he was searching amongst a large collection of maps, just like OROTHO had assumed. He seemed to notice us coming down, but didn't stop going through the maps laid out before him. There was just a mess of papers scattered about, showing different regions of Minecraftia that THEROS had explored and noted on paper in map-form. There was a surprising amount of detail in every one of them, and it was that skill that THEROS had that helped us get through the Nether so quickly.

"I assume you've not come down to look at the maps or search through OROTHO's research archive...? Which means you've come looking for me, specifically to tell or ask me of something..."

"In relation to what's happened recently it's not the most important issue to take into account, but from Syeonyx has told me, it's definitely something we shouldn't ignore completely. Go Syeonyx, tell COLUS what you told me."

COLUS stopped going through the maps and looked at me as I began to go through the exact same descriptions of the dream that I had gone over with Amie earlier. It felt weird repeating myself, but I was just happy that it was being taken seriously and not as a joke. I'd feel rather foolish if Amie had either laughed at me or just put it down to the environment I was in at the time. Then again there was still time for COLUS to think and say those exact same things. Although as I told him what I had experienced he too showed the same expression of concern. When I finished, he too sat in silence for a few moments before saying anything.

"How long have you been having these dreams?"

I told him it'd been playing over the past week or so, mainly since we entered into the Nether to retrieve the Eyes. I assumed that there was a link there, and that maybe my subconscious was trying to tell me something, but COLUS was intrigued by it as much as Amie.

"Maybe it's not your subconscious! What if it's the Endermen trapped in The End trying to send out a message to you giving predictions of the possible outcomes of our campaign against HoN Co.! They were able to send us the message across the Aether to us about the portal and the history of what happened, but maybe this is there attempt at giving us a more in-depth look of what could happen."

"That's what I thought. The Endermen are essentially saying 'these are the likely outcomes of your actions', maybe base on how much progress you had made at the time."

"Or they were preparing you for the possible eventualities depending on who succeeded in using the Keystone..."

"We can't know for sure whether HoN Co. is aware of an alternate use for it, but we know they they know it's powerful, and that's why they attempted to take the Eyes: to stop us from getting to it and using it against them. If they had possession of it, it would be better safeguarded by them, especially with this new information you told us yesterday."

"Well we can't act on the grounds of a dream, but I know we can't just sit and do nothing until the worst happens. I'm still waiting on SERVERE to return with information of the experiments they were doing, and how successful they were. When he gets back, I'm going to ask him where their HQ is. We have to assume the Eyes they have are there now, especially if he returns with knowledge of specific developments in their experiments."

COLUS collected up a load of maps from the pile and began to head back upstairs, mentioning the need to have a meeting. He said that he was expecting SERVERE back soon, and the quicker we were prepared the better. We followed him up the stairs to the top and into the discussion room, where we waited for the others to join us.

Syeonyx signing off

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