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Day 158: Heading to HoN Co. HQ

     We were woken up early this morning by OROTHO who was doing it on behalf of COLUS, who was also already awake and preparing the bags and other things we would need. Once we had a quick but energy-rich breakfast, we packed a few more supplies into a separate bag and brought it with us into the discussion room. Everyone else was already there, busying themselves with some form of work or another; it was odd. With all of the bags littered around, and with it being early in the morning - still pitch black I reckoned - it almost felt as though we were getting ready to go to the airport to g on holiday. That couldn't be further from the truth though... Once everyone was assembled, COLUS stood on the table so that everyone could hear and see him.

"Today we set off towards the headquarters of HoN Co. to deliver the initial blow to them that will wound them severely. By taking the two Eyes of Ender that they possess, they will have no way to stop us front entering the portal to The End and taking the Keystone. Once they know of our intentions, it is likely they will attempt to stop us. We must be as quick and efficient as possible; there is no room for error or mistakes. We must act with precision and take the Eyes from them. We will not be returning to this base, instead we will be going through to the cliff mine to get to the portal. This is if we have the option of doing so, and that HoN Co. aren't blocking our path. If they are, we will have to find an alternative way around. Once we reach the portal, we are to activate it, head into The End and take the Keystone from the Endermen and aid them by destroying the master portal. We will need to act as one to succeed at every stage with this plan, and we cannot falter in any way!"

He stepped down from the table and motioned for us to follow him to the lab. Hulking the rifle over my shoulder to rest against the diamond pickaxe I also had, I carried two of the bags out whilst trying to herd Chiron towards the exit. He seemed a lot more docile and quiet than usual, and I got the impression he knew something was going on. After everyone had left the discussion room, I took one last look around before turning my back on the base, probably for the last time...

     We reached the final security door at the end of the tunnel that would lead out just to the South of the conducting tower, and we would have to be quick and silent about emerging. The light alone might be enough to be seen, but we were hoping on the dense tree coverage to mask our presence. Flicking the lever, COLUS went out first, looked around a few times before motioning for us to follow. It was still pitch black outside, just like I had predicted, and the large tower stood illuminated in the distance off to the North. COLUS silently motioned for us to continue West whilst he remained behind to knock the torches out from the tunnel. If we were lucky they wouldn't find the tunnel until after we had returned, allowing us to use the base a through-method to get into the cliff mine. We would be coming back this way anyway. Amie had relieved me of one of the bags I was carrying allowing me to utilise the rifle, which I now held with both hands, cocked and ready to fire. COLUS was also ready with his, but UOPETA and OROTHO were busy carrying more supplies that we would need on the way. I was beginning to wonder if we had come with too much stuff, but we would definitely not make it to the HQ before sundown. According to COLUS and THEROS, the journey alone would take a few days, and even then we would have to find a way across to the remote island. Not an easy thing to do when the area was likely to be swarming with HoN Co. guards and other employees... The next few days would definitely be eventful.

     We had now been travelling long enough for the sun to peak over the horizon, casting long shadows pointing Westwards in the direction we were travelling. We hadn't met any resistance at all since leaving the base, and had thankfully been able to travel unfaltering for the entire time. Now it was getting brighter though we would have to keep a lookout more closely. As the light from the sun illuminated the area around us, it enabled COLUS to scout the area ahead using the scope on the rifle. The rifles had proved more useful than initially suspected, but we had yet to test them in a real-life uncontrollable environment. We didn't know the effect the elements would have on them, although judging from the results of the test firing, we wouldn't have much trouble shooting straight at a decent distance away.
We've been going now for long enough to make pretty impressive progress, despite the initial lack of light and the fact that we were all weighed down slightly. I was also impressed by how well Chiron was obeying my commands. He didn't seem overly excited at all, and was quite happy to trot alongside me. Hermes was also being incredibly obedient, although I think that was because he was older than Chiron and was used t the rules... We settled in for a quick break once the sun had rose to about the equivalent of its own height into the sky. Luckily we were heading West so we weren't blinded or restricted during sunrise. As we sat around taking small amounts of supplies to keep ourselves going throughout the day, I could see that everyone had their game faces one. No-one was laughing or joking or even smiling... This was no longer a joke: lives were at stake... Our lives.

"Try to eat as much high protein and carbohydrate supplies as you think is required. Son we'll be heading into a larger snowy area and we'll likely be there the night... We'll need those tents set up unless we can find a cave to settle down in. Either way, don't get comfortable tonight..."

Once we were finished with the break, we continued heading West, following the layout of the terrain that was easiest to cross. The sun climbed ever higher into the sky, until it began to overtake us into the West. Over the next few days, we would have a marvellous view!

Syeonyx signing off

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