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Planning ahead

     Assembled around the table, COLUS waited patiently for the others to assemble and settle before beginning the discussion. We had a lot to talk about and update everyone on, but we were still waiting on OROTHO. COLUS busied himself with the maps that lay before him, whilst we talked amongst ourselves about what this was all about. We all had the suspicion it was based on COLUS's big plan, but there was little known about the details. Eventually OROTHO came in from the lab, accompanied by SERVERE. COLUS and UOPETA seemed to the only ones who weren't surprised by SERVERE's sudden appearance, but he had said that he was expecting him back any time. Once everyone settled at the table, COLUS started the discussion, firstly by asking SERVERE about the developments that he had initially enquired about.

"You were right; they've begun experiments in the Nether trying to bring the creatures there across to guard their HQ, but once they found out about the Affinitas cages being able to spawn Guardians, they've been tweaking their version to do the same."

"Are they getting anywhere with them?"

"Luckily no. They don't have a clue how the cages that occur in the Nether can spawn from those cages, but with the amount of money and resources they're pumping into that area, I wouldn't be surprised if they nailed it soon."

"What about the creatures from the Nether? Have they been able to transfer them from the Nether?"

"Yes and no. Some have been successfully transferred across, but they were having some issues with the pig-men. Like the Creepers, they managed to alter them, so they're hostile now. Large areas of the HQ have been erected and protected with these pig-men, so I can only assume they were going to use those as places to store the Eyes. Not that they got any."

"Actually, they did. We were lucky in getting three of them, but they've still got the other two. I assumed their headquarters would be the first place they'd stow them after taking them from the Nether, and now we're almost sure of it, thanks to your information."

"You only have three of them? Where are they? And what happened to the other two?"

"No offence SERVERE but we can't give you the location of the three Eyes to you. Not that we might think you're a traitor, but if HoN Co. are watching you then you could become a liability. For everyone's safety it's easier if you remain in the dark. As for how they got two of them, well they got ahead of Syeonyx, THEROS and THEXIS and took them. Luckily they were closing on them towards the end, and put on a good show for them. Although I get the feeling it may come to haunt us later."

"Well if it makes you feel any better, there have been no Elite movements towards this location recently. As for what orders they gave when in the Nether, I'm not able to access them. As from now, I'm not sure what you want from me...?"

"Two things: one small, one pretty big..."

"I have a feeling I'm not going to like this..."

"You probably won't. Firstly the small request; on any of these maps can you locate the HoN Co. HQ? It's important we know where it is..."

"And the big request...?"

"Can you procure a copy of the floor plan and layout of the HQ, indicating these new additions t the structure?"

"You want me to give you the blueprints to the HQ...? You know I would love to do that, but I think even you know that's way beyond my clearance..."

"I never said it was going t be easy. But we need a good knowledge of the layout to be able to get in and out undetected..."

"That's a massive ask... I can try but you know I can't guarantee anything..."

"Anything as simple as a floor layout would be enough, but try to get some detail to it. It might be easier if you could gain the blueprints of the new sections that have been built recently."

"I doubt I'd be able to get anywhere near those. Top secret. Highly classified. The only reason we know about them is because they're hard to miss. I put two and two together to find out what they were for."

"Well, I guess there's no need for the meeting now, as that was more or less the full extent of it. SERVERE, I need you to go now as soon as possible, after you tell me where on these maps it is."

SERVERE went through a few of the maps on the table, before settling on one and pointing to where it located.

"There... It's a pretty big place, and they've expanded massively since it was initially set up."

"Whilst you're retrieving any floor plans we can use, the rest of us will be determining the best plan of action to ensure we get in and out undetected..."

"I'll try my best but I can't guarantee I can come away with anything substantial."

SERVERE left the table for the lab, leaving the rest of us. COLUS looked at the point on the map where SERVERE had pointed to, pushing the other maps aside. After a few moments to think over something to himself, he finally looked back up and began to speak again.

"Right, we've got quite a lot of work to do before SERVERE gets back. We need to come up with a flexible game plan that can be changed depending on the situation of the floor plan."

We continued to discuss the future scenario that would play out when SERVERE came back with the maps we needed, and we began to draw up lists of how we would need to be prepared. By the end of it, I was beginning to wish I hadn't suggested a list...

Syeonyx signing off

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