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Coming up with the goods

"Whenever someone says something like that, it's never a good sign... I think it'd be easier if you just started with the bad and worked up to the good..."

"Well the bad news isn't as bad as you might think it is, but it's definitely not good news. Basically I went onto the HoN Co. system and managed to find some early blueprints hidden away in some obscure corner of the database."

"And the bad news...?"

"That was the bad news. What's bad about it is that they're at least ten years old, and there's been a lot of work done to the main building. Not only that, but the blueprints don't show the recent extensions onto the sides, obviously... But I think the main layout of the rooms and corridors is more or less the same. Some areas have been expanded or altered, but only small sections for specific purposes..."

"And the good news?"

"Well I think the good news redeems the bad quite effectively. When I found them I wanted to find a way to take multiple copies without leaving a trail in the system. So printing them out wasn't an available option as they could trace the commands back through the printing tasks and determine which terminal issues the command, and at what time and by whom. Instead I managed to procure these!"

SERVERE slipped his hand into a small clipped section around his waist and pulled out three wafer-thin screens that looked like writing tablets. Walking forward towards the table, he place them individually onto the table before stepping back letting COLUS inspect the unexpected gift.

"I was able to take three PDA's from one of the nearby labs and update them with a copy of the blueprints from the main system. It's still as dangerous as printing out copies, except they won't be able to find the PDA's the files have been copied to."

"Call me suspicious, but won't they be missing these PDA's? I mean, how did you ever manage to take three of them?"

"Are you kidding me? They're all over the place! There are probably more PDA's in that headquarters than there are people! They are used for transferring and displaying research data amongst the different cells within the building, so there's no real need to have one of your own."

"So there's no link between these PDA's and say, a particular scientist?"

"The only link there is between these and the main system is a unique physical address and a cell reference number. In a few weeks time if they discover that the files I copied have been transferred to these PDA's, they'll do a search around that cell and any other linked ones. If they can't find it, they'll probably just bring more in."

"Well that's brilliant news, although I'm still a little worried that it could be traced back t you. I mean, won't the terminals be able to inform anyone which user was utilising which terminal and manipulating these files?"

"You'd think so, but no. I've got a very good friend who works in the HQ and he suggested I take them in PDA format and use his terminal details. He said that if anyone started asking questions about why he needed three separate copies of the same file on three different PDA's, he'd make something up about a renovation idea he'd had about the place, and he'd shared the idea amongst two of his colleagues..."

"You're still taking a lot of risks for us. Let's hope HoN Co. don't get wise to what you're doing for us. We've still got some way to go before we can bring them down. Is there anything you can tell us about the security systems in place that we're likely to have difficulty with?"

"There's quite a bit but most of it is manned with guards, not automated security. There are a few password entry doors to get into certain areas, but they shouldn't trouble you too much."

"What about systems like biometrics? And is there a way to get into the extensions without going through the main building?"

"Unfortunately you can only gain access to the extensions via the main building; they're sort of suspended out from the main area like five struts. As for the biometrics, that sort of sophistication is reserved for the labs and research areas."

"Wait, five extensions? But HoN Co. only have two of the Eyes of Ender... Why do they have five extensions?"

"Well they didn't know you were going to interfere so much, so they massively underestimated your intervention in that area."

"What about the security in the extensions though? Are they manned by guards or automated security?"

"I don't know much about the security that goes on in the extensions but I can only assume they were experimenting with Nether creatures for one reason. I couldn't say with any certainty but I would assume the extensions with less security than the others are the ones that aren't holding any of the two Eyes."

"Thank you so much for these! They are a massive help to us! Will you be remaining with us to help coordinate the plan of action?"

"I'm afraid not. I'm heading back now to keep up appearances. I've been tasked with searching a new area for any signs of you, but luckily they're looking in the completely wrong direction! I'll try to return in a day or two and help out any way I can."

SERVERE left the room towards the lab where OROTHO was still working, leaving us to utilise the PDA's and work out how they function. After a few minutes, I'd already got the hang of the basic features it offered, and could manipulate the main blueprints layout stored on the hard drive with some skill. COLUS and the others continued to get the hang on things so I decided to go to the lab and check on OROTHO.

Syeonyx signing off

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