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Structure number two...

     THEROS had opted for a slightly more dangerous route; as we were having to take a rather long and arduous detour, we were forced to skirt dangerously close to the lava lake edge. There was the option of going way up above it, but from the looks of the ground from below, it didn't look very safe. Plus, if we ended up round the other end where we can get to the structure, we may not be able to find a way down to it. It'd be easier to go low, and head upwards using the pickaxe as and when we needed to. It was a lot safer considering... Then again we had to consider how safe the actual stone around the edge of the lava lake was; we couldn't guarantee it was any better, but at least it was less likely to crumble resulting in us falling to our deaths. As we travelled further and further North, the Nether stone above us grew denser, as the stone beneath our feet grew more and more sparse. It was beginning to thin out, and we were being left with less and less manoeuvring room.

“If we go any closer to the edge of this lava lake, we’ll be cooked alive!”

“I don’t know about you, but I prefer that option to falling a long distance and then ending up dying in lava… Besides, I can’t guarantee we’ll end up where we need to be going on the higher path, and it would mean we’d be spotted easier that way…”

“Fair enough, but I still feel uncomfortable…”

“It’s not far left to go now. We just need to head a little further to the North and there should be a small area that opens up to a higher level. We should be able to gain access to the structure from there…”

We continued all the way along, risking falling into the lava on more occasions than I was comfortable with. Some parts we had to tunnel our way through to the other side, but with my diamond pickaxe that wasn’t exactly a big problem to deal with. As we made our way along the very edge of the lava lake, we were able to still make out the looming bridges off to the East, with the struts plummeting down into the lava below. If we could ensure we were always able to see the bridges of the structure we wanted to get to, and then we had very little chance of getting lost or sidetracked. After a further hour we had managed to make our way up to a small platform way above the lava, and we had changed direction, now heading back on ourselves in an arc. We had ascended to the point where we could now make out the actual walking platform to each of the bridges, and before long, we had managed to come face to face with a large Nether stone brick wall. A large stone column stood close to the wall, which we initially thought we could use to scale the wall and enter inside, but it was nowhere near close enough to be able to do that…

“We’re going to have to go around a bit further. There are likely to still be places where the bridges are accessible.”

We were forced to skirt around the edge of a very thin, crumbling stone layer that hung out over the lava lake quite precariously.

“I see what you mean now about the distance of the drop… Not something I want to experience any time soon…”

The thin layer of stone began to thicken however the farther we travelled, and it wasn’t long before we could make out one of the long bridges spanning the huge distance between the structure we wanted to get to and a part of the surrounding terrain we could already make.

“That would be our best bet. It also looks to be the only way out too, so we’re going to have to be a lot more vigilant in terms of security…”

“Well it’s too late to begin searching for it now… We’ll have to begin tomorrow.”

“That would be the safer thing. We should find a tower or a high location to scout the place out before we settle down for the night. There’s no point in starting an actual search of this structure if we’re likely to fatigued…”

We took a moment to admire the magnificent view before us; the massive bridges spanning almost the entire length of the lava lake; the struts sticking up supporting the main bridges like legs of a giant sleeping beast. Thinking about it like that made a shiver run down my spine… I really hope not…

As we made our way across the relatively short distance to the edge of the bridge that spanned across to our side of the stony terrain, we made sure that we didn’t draw any unnecessary attention to ourselves. It wasn’t all that difficult despite where we were; there were no creatures anywhere near the bridge and we hadn’t even seen a single guard team at all along the entire journey. I was beginning to wonder how little they knew about our movements… Or how much… We could be being watched right now by a group of Elite guards, which means we wouldn’t be able to see them. Although to be honest, we couldn’t guarantee we could see them even if they were visible, but just hiding in the shadows…

“That tower up there looks to be the best bet. We just need to find a suitable way up to it… There are bound to be a set of stairs or something leading up, but we need to be careful not to stumble across any of those Guardian creatures along the way. We can deal with them tomorrow…”

An oddly familiar entranceway greeted us as we approached the structure, and I began to wonder how closely constructed each of these structures were on a single model. There were definitely similarities in the construction of certain parts of it, which suggested intelligent design, or that the structures used to be linked together. Or both, now that I come to think of it… We made our way immediately to the right where we found a short series of steps that led out to the top of the tower where we could look down upon the rest of the structure. We had a pretty good vantage point from here; despite the fact that we would be resting most of the time, it would allow us to set out a possible plan of action for tomorrow, maybe in the morning.

“I’ll get a fire going…”

We placed our bags and equipment around the central position where THEXIS began to start a fire. I was initially worried that it may draw attention to us, especially due to how dark parts of the Nether were. Light travelled quite some distance in this dimension, so we had to be careful not to accidentally signal a HoN Co. guard team to our position. Then again, if they were able to make it to our position within the same time as us, we would have something to worry about… I looked out across the edge of the tower, to the bridges and network of rooftops below, admiring the view more than scouting out the area. It was a startlingly beautiful place considering the types of creatures that lived here, and the fact that we were here for a single purpose. We didn’t have time to simply admire the view, but with nothing else to do but rest up, I took the opportunity to do just that.

Syeonyx signing off

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