Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

Starting point for our hunt

     I had noticed that we had been going a little slower than usual, and I had put it down to two major reasons... Firstly, THEROS was leading the way, not UOPETA, as he was still back in Minecraftia, and THEROS wasn't the most adventurous of people that I knew. Tending to be more quiet and reserved, he didn't strike me as the trailblazer that he assumed was expected of him. Secondly, he was trying to utilise a map that he could understand, apparently, and the rest of us couldn't make heads or tails of... We had moved out from the base camp, off towards the wooden platform, following the route that was once lined with torches. THEROS had constantly kept looking at the map, and would then scan the surrounding area. It wasn't exactly encouraging, and it was beginning to dawn on me how difficult this could be, as we began to slow down. I hadn't had much time to talk with THEXIS at all since... Well, at all really... He was more secretive than THEROS, as he was constantly monitoring HoN Co. communications and was hardly ever around. However, he was accompanying us presumably as he had identified the routes the guards had taken pretty quickly, and managed to lead us back to the base camp through a new way when the guards blocked our intended path.

"I know the fate of the world rests on our shoulders and all of that cliché stuff, but we haven't exactly been given much of a task. It's all very vague; go off into the Nether and find the twelve Eyes of Ender... I mean, firstly what do they look like, and secondly where do we start!"

I corrected THEXIS stating that we only had five Eyes of Ender to find as it looked like seven were already in place. That didn't bode well as it supported the idea that HoN Co. were looking for the exact same thing as us. That meant we were in a race against time to get there first. For all we knew, we could have already lost. I was clueless about the actual questions he had posed; the Eyes of Ender sounded cryptic enough, especially when it was unknown what they looked like... I had a theory that looked like the eyes of an Enderman as the one that had taken us to the Aether to speak to us from The End has spoken about a few Endermen having to sacrifice something to close the portal behind them. That suggested we were looking for any small objects that glowed purple... However, we did know what they partially looked like, as the very tops of seven of them were exposed to us; they were odd in appearance, taking on a sickly green colour than the expected purple. Maybe they were purple underneath, or maybe they lost their purple hue when they had been removed. As for where to begin looking for them, I suppose that's why we had the map with us...

"Well yes, true. But what exactly are looking for that signifies the Ender Eyes actually there? is it just going to be an Ender Eye suspended in midair, or in a rotting chest atop a lofty pole that we can't reach...?"

"According to the map, it's in a large construct... Although whether it's natural or man-made I can't make out... Not from this map."

"You don't think HoN Co. have more than one base set up in the Nether, do you?"

"Let's hope not..."

We continued towards the wooden platform, taking a detour when nearing it, now taking the reverse of the route we had taken to get out from the base... This was going to get very dangerous...


     We had been walking for an hour or two by now; we had left the HoN Co. base way behind some while ago, and hadn't seen anything but lava, fires and the strange Nether stone since... We still hadn't encountered any of the creatures we had the last time we were here, and I was begin to grow more and more concerned... We had initially assumed the strange pig-men were passive, curiosity being their main recognisable trait. But there should also be Creepers and the undead here, as well as those strange floating ghost creatures that we had encountered. It hadn't done anything; it had investigated us, but hadn't attacked or attempted communication. Maybe they were like the pig-men... Either way, the lack of every type of Nether-originating fauna was worrying. HoN Co. had an established presence here in the Nether now, and I couldn't think of anything else that could drive them away. Or lure them elsewhere...

"I think it'd be worse if they're being lured to some other place. It would suggest that whoever is luring them has a use for them... Since HoN Co. seems to be the most recent addition to the Nether, I think it's safe to assume they're involved either way."

"But what could they possibly have a use for pig-men and Creepers?"

"Protection? Experimentation? Who knows... We all went through that hell when we found out that the Creepers had been modified... One minute they're hardly ever aggressive, and are always at least distant if thy are. The next, they're exploding, taking out massive chunks of the base and injuring us!"

"Luckily for us there was only one that time... Besides, it seems they only explode when threatened or provoked. It would certainly explain why our base hasn't come under random attack since..."

"It certainly adds a whole new layer to the fight or flight response... Fight, or flight... Or BOOM! Not really a survival instinct when you come to think of it..."

We continued onwards, following THEROS' lead, hoping he knew where he was going. Although the occasional puzzled look from him was exactly encouraging...

     We had stopped atop a rather large hill; a steep drop to a fiery death surrounded us on two sides, with the other two not promising anything better. After ascending to the top, and putting out numerous fires on the way up, we could now see what THEROS had slowly been making his way towards. It was huge... Huge was an understatement. Epically massive! Still falls short of what lay before us. Words can't do it justice how big it is...

A massive structure stretched out way before us, standing on huge struts that climbed large distances from the lava floor below. Epic bridges criss crossed in the distance, knitting the entire structure together, with the occasional enclosure sandwiching them all together.

"I think this is what we're looking for..."

Syeonyx signing off

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