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Bridge the gap

     Heading back towards the crossroads section that joined four main bridges together, we planned out the next best route to take next. It seemed like there was something worth investigating off to the right which didn't seem to expand into a huge structure, so that was likely to be a good place to start. Then there was the last bridge heading off to the left from the main entranceway bridge. We hadn't checked that either so it was possible there was something down there too, however due to the strange mist that had materialised out of nowhere, it was hard to see too far into the distance. Choosing to head off to the right first, we went along with the same approach; I was utilising the bow and arrow as a backup to the main plan. THEROS and THEXIS were part of that, using the blowpipes and darts to put any creatures out of the picture long enough for us to check out the area ahead. It had worked for the first enclosure we had found... Just... Let's hope it worked again.

"Remember to keep your distance. They seem to be territorial due to the Affinitas cage so if we keep our distance and don't pose a potential threat we should get the potential window of opportunity we need."

We were all crouched low to the ground, slowly making our way across to the new section of the bridge. We didn't know what to expect, and we were a little surprised when a similar enclosure appeared out of the mist and fog. Another one? Squinting past the mist, I was able to make out a strange box-like object in the middle, but no sources of light at all. In fact it was incredibly dark, so maybe that was a good sign. We continued approaching in the cautious manner until we reached the base of the steps, and realised that there wasn't anything there at all. No strange creatures, no ominous objects - besides the Affinitas cage - nothing...

"Looks like there's nothing here... Odd that there's a cage here, but no creatures... Oh well, let's head back. We've still got that other bridge to check out."

Leaving the latest enclosure behind, we headed back across the bridge to the crossroads, looking off in the last direction we had yet to take. The bridge extended way off into the distance, disappearing into the mist, way beyond our ability to see. There could be more enclosures off in that direction, or there could just be another large structure, or more bridge networks. There was only one way to find out, and we were going to have to hurry this up; we had taken a lot of time up being here already, only to find nothing at all.

"If there's nothing down here, we'll need to head back to the main structure and look through the other passages we haven't already checked down..."

We began to make our way across the last bridge, hoping that we found what we were looking for soon, otherwise we would likely have to return to the base camp empty-handed... I somehow doubt that COLUS would except that. I wonder if they've managed to head over to the HoN Co. base and find any more information about these Ender Eyes or the Nether...? I wonder how Amie was doing...? I wonder if she missed me...?

     The last bridge we had headed down turned out to branch off itself into two more bridges; the left fork took us back to a small structure just off to the right of the main one, whilst the right fork took us off to another long bridge that seemed to merge with the mist. We were likely to head back to the main structure anyway, so we could check out the left fork on the way back. For the time being, we went down to the right fork, hoping to find something a little more useful to our cause, but we weren't holding up any high hopes.

"Be on the lookout for any more of those creatures... If you see one, let me know. They could be our ticket to finding this Ender Eye we're looking for."

But we couldn't see anything besides mist, the few feet of bridge in front of us, and a long drop to a fiery death below... However, after what seemed like an hour, we had walked far enough to see new, large shapes loom out from the distance. After a few steps, we realised they were the supporting struts for a larger bridge network that slowly appeared out of the mist in the distance. As we grew closer though, the mist seemed to clear slightly, and an intricate maze of small bridged sections lay sprawled out before us. Looking carefully at the network, checking each crossroad and section, we realised that the bridge network didn't actually lead anywhere; it was literally a collection of broken bridges with no obvious destination in sight...

"Looks like we're heading back to the main structure. Let's hope we find something sooner or later... I'm beginning to wonder if HoN Co. hasn't already found the Ender Eyes and are using them to activate the portal as we speak."

"I don't know why they want the Keystone, but it can't be good for us..."

"Exactly. That Enderman said that the Keystone had to be used correctly. That meant there could be an alternative use for it... We can't let HoN Co. found out what it is!"

We began to make our way back across the insanely long bridge, back towards the main structure, hoping that HoN Co. hadn't already got that far ahead of us. Hopefully they weren't ahead of us at all...

Syeonyx signing off

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