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Day 147: Round two

     We all stared at COLUS for a few moments, trying to take in what he had just said. Spawners? What did he mean by that? They spawned creatures into the world? Was that as literal as it sounded, because it made out that we had a lot to worry about from now on.

"They don't draw certain creatures to them to protect whatever is there, they actually have the capability of spawning certain creatures into the world."

"So... Like... They can spawn Creepers or the undead into the world at any point they want?"

"It certainly seems that way. The files we found suggested that HoN Co. found this technology and modified it for their own gain, so not only can they control what is spawned, but how regularly, however the name 'Affinitas' is still fitting."

"How so?"

"Well we initially thought the cages were used to draw creatures to them. Instead they are used to spawn them in, only the modified ones have the capacity to keep the spawned creatures close to the cage that spawned them..."

"So they are still used for the same purpose, only with drastically greater consequences...?"

"Definitely. We can't determine whether the cages work by either trapping the creatures, which reduces the range from which they can leave the cage, or they just have this desire to protect it. Either way, the recent cages we've seen have definitely been HoN Co. modified..."

"What about the ones in the structure that we found? The ones that were spawning these Guardian creatures?"

"No, those are the natural ones. When HoN Co. came to the Nether, they spotted the potential of them, and took the technology with them, but they have yet to be able to modify one that can spawn Guardians..."

“So HoN Co. can spawn and control the behaviour of the creatures, not only in the Nether, but back in Minecraftia as well?”

“Unfortunately so… And the lack of these creatures around here suggest that they’ve been further experimenting with the different types of Affinitas cages they can make…”

It was a lot to take in, and Amie was quiet the entire time we discussed it. We decided that we couldn’t achieve much for the rest of the day, so we decided to rest up and start afresh tomorrow. Hopefully we could plan out the next phase of the operation from then…


      Despite the surprising amount of information we have had to take in over the past couple of days, and the severity of it all mounting against us, I slept surprisingly well! Me and Amie opted to sleeping together again; I get the feeling that she needs some form of security to ensure she feels safe, and it’s obvious that we have the same feelings for each other, so I’m fully willing and capable of providing that security. Before meeting the Lone 7, I was someone who loved to be alone; someone who cherished the idea of living off the land with no-one else in the world to worry about, and with not a single care in the world. But it seems that all it takes to turn someone’s opinion around is love… Or at least, I believe that to be the case. After waking up feeling incredibly refreshed, I had to once again remind myself where I was; the dark, depressing surroundings of the dark, red stone around us reminded me that we were still in the Nether, and that there was no sign of us moving back any time soon. During breakfast, we discussed the plan for the day, settling out everything, although mine, THEROS and THEXIS’s day seemed to be pretty much the same as the previous one…

“You three will set out for the next location marked on the map and hopefully retrieve the next Eye of Ender. You’re likely to be on the lookout for a similar structure as to the last one you found as the files we retrieved seemed to indicate these to be the best places to start looking. They are natural structures that were here way before HoN Co., and if it gives them enough reason to be curious, it’s enough for us too!”

“What about the rest of you? Are you going to attempt another look at the HoN Co. base?”

“Some of us are. OROTHO and Amie will return to Minecraftia with the Eye of Ender we have recovered and keep it in a safe location. If they found our base camp, we don’t want them trying to take it back by force. If you inform UOPETA of this, then we can keep at least one of us in Minecraftia with knowledge of where it is. The rest of us will stage another operation to find more information at the HoN Co. base, and investigate the experiments they are carrying out.”

“Have you managed to avoid the guard patrols that have been going back and forth from the base?”

“So far, yes. There have been a few instances where we thought we had been spotted, but they turned out to be false alarms. We’ll need to be more vigilant in the future.”

We finished up our breakfast before collecting our equipment and heading out for the day’s quest ahead of us. Looking back at the map that was still in THEROS’s possession, we had a slightly further distance to travel this time; the locations seemed a lot more spread out than we had initially expected, but then again it would make sense to ensure they were scattered out across the area rather than keep them in a single location. The next location was this time way off to the North which would require a large amount of walking, but we were hardly expecting to breeze through this mission. If we managed to possess the remaining five Ender Eyes and pass in The End without HoN Co. finding out, we could easily have the master portal destroyed within the next few weeks! Considering the whole operation had previously taken over a year, it was finally a time where the end goal was in sight.

“Amie, OROTHO? When you head back in, ask UOPETA if there has been any reply from SERVERE within the few days we’ve been gone. I’m a little worried that it’s taking this long, even with the time lapse between dimensions…”

Amie and OROTHO headed off towards the portal, with the Ender Eye wrapped up in cloth, stored in the bottom of a bag. We couldn’t take any chances with it; it seemed a very robust item, but there was no use in risking leaving it in places where it could be broken or stolen, hence the removal of it back into Minecraftia. We should easily be able to keep track of them that way, provided we were able to find the remaining four. If we could, then we had the potential to open the portal, enter The End, take the Keystone and destroy the master portal once and for all! Odd though that last night I didn’t have the usual nightmare… Did that mean anything? It didn't matter anyway... We had other, more important issues to take into account. We set off from the base camp with a new set of supplies, fully loaded with the right information and knowledge to deal with these Affinitas cages and the Guardians of the Nether...

Syeonyx signing off

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