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Expedition preparation

     We arrived back at the base some time ago, and have presented all of the data to AMPHIS. He spent some time reading through it. By this point, we were all agreed on the entering the Nether. Most of us were not happy with the dangers we would face, but we had concluded the risk was worth combating the potential risk HoN Co. proved to be. AMPHIS placed the report back onto the table, speechless. He was exactly how we had been after reading through everything we had read. There was a lot to take in, but it had eventually settled with us, and a little while later he replied with a single word.



"Alright... I'm game. Yes it's dangerous, not as much as I initially thought, but from what I've read, we can't allow HoN Co. to let that enter our world... I'm in..."

"Is everyone agreed then? As a full team, the Lone 7 will enter the Nether to retrieve another Solus stone to destroy the active portals, and stop HoN Co. from progressing with their plan."


     We spent the rest of the day preparing, hoping that tomorrow would be the day to go through the portal. We were in a hurry to ensure we didn't waste any more time than we had already, but I could see from everyone's faces that they weren't happy about the whole idea. After a few hours discussing the matter in detail, we settled on jobs that we could all be tasked with to help us in the Nether. We needed supplies, digging equipment, materials to build a possible defensive barrier, or stronghold, or climbing equipment to retrieve the stones. We had also decided that taking multiple samples of the stone would be taken to enable us to rely on a back up if something similar happened in the future. I had already learnt my lesson about Affinitas cages...THEXIS had been tasked with helping THEROS and AMPHIS create a map system for the Nether. COLUS has made references to the possibility that it may work to our advantage to be able to freely travel to the Nether through a portal. So we've decided that we may need to find and secure an active portal closer to us. The current one will do for now, but it would work to our advantage to find somewhere closer.

"We may find resources in the Nether that may prove more useful than initially expected. We'll travel light on the first expedition, only going to excavate the stone. If we are able to make more expeditions, we will take time to take readings and samples of our own."

OROTHO was helping Amie preparing some special mining equipment, as well as glass vials to collect samples of soil. OROTHO was adamant that he was going to collect a sample of something. Depending on what we see in the Nether, and where we end up landing, we may be a few hours, we may be longer. UOPETA is tasked with ensuring we have an appropriate amount of food and supplies with us, and COLUS is reading through the notes again, taking in as much as possible. He has always preferred to remain fully informed. So far, he had been through them twice, taking in each tiny piece of detail, and had removed every image from the file. It will help us to identify specific areas of the Nether, and what to avoid. However in some of them, it's more of what isn't focused that's most interesting. In some of the images, such as the one of the strange floating squid creature, and the yellow stone, we can see that the atmosphere is tinged with red, and there appears to be a large object in the sky. In some it looks deceptively like a large flat sky, made up of rock... But that's impossible... Unless... Unless the Nether is located underground. Is it possible that the Nether is actually located deep beneath Minecraftia? Just beneath the crust? I've kept that to myself for the moment. I may ask OROTHO in the future after the first expedition.

     As far as we know, we have everything sorted; we've decided to ditch the idea about creating a stronghold. There are too many materials to carry with us, and we cannot be seen on the way to a portal carrying a large amount of equipment. We would be easily overwhelmed. As a result, UOPETA is carrying the least to ensure he can perform his usual job of scouting without being hindered. We'll only be taking mining equipment, food and medical supplies, the armour we always wear anyway and a form of defense. In most cases, it'll either be a sword or bow and arrows. I can't see the a blowpipe being very effective against something the size of a hot air balloon! Before heading off to rest before the big day, COLUS decided to give a big, awe-inspiring speech to cast aside any doubt that was either lingering or had crept back in.

"Tomorrow, we are likely to experience things that we will never experience ever again. We will experience things that cannot compare to what we have already experienced. We all know the purpose for this expedition, and you have all accepted the risks of such a journey. When we pass through, we will do so in pairs; we cannot allow anyone to travel across alone in case we are unable to deal with what we are faced with. Reading extensively through the files, I have determined that a single portal will only lead to a single location in the Nether, so we should all be together within moments of passing through. Once in the Nether, we will establish a base of operations around the portal, and attempt to locate the stone as quickly as possible. At all times, there will be three of us defending the portal to allow us to get back. We cannot allow the creatures within the Nether to become too interested in us, and begin snooping around the portal. All Creepers are to be sedated on sight, but all other creatures should be ignored unless provoked. In the case of these... Pig-men, that shouldn't be an issue, with as far as the balloon creatures, take all precautions and keep your eyes on the sky! We cannot afford to be surprised. We will mine a small portion of the stone from the nearest location to the portal, and then return. We cannot take any unnecessary chances. The base of operations will remain there as long as we require the need to return. Now get some rest. You'll need it!"

We all had a million and one questions to ask COLUS right now, but we were all tired, and we needed to be as well rested as possible if we were going to get through tomorrow alive!

Syeonyx signing off

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