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Day 106: To Hell and back!

     As expected, I got very little sleep last night. And who can blame me when you might be entering the literal Hell in a few days! Although if I had fallen asleep, I may have been more terrified of my own imagination, and it's conjurings. Once everyone was awake, we all settled in the discussion room, sitting in silence for some time. We all knew the score. We all knew what was at stake and what the risks were. The main point was now to determine whether the potential rewards were worth the inevitable risks. After we eventually got settled into a discussion, it ended up proceeding very similarly as to how it had late last night. Starting off as a serious and logical debate about our current situation, our options, the risks and benefits of each in relation to us, HoN Co. and the public. Then individual opinions and emotions were brought into the mix when we decided to discuss the idea of entering into the Nether, and once again began the bickering and squabbling like children! Some of us were for it, some of us against. In fact it was literally half and half! Me, THEROS, UOPETA and AMPHIS were against the idea of entering the Nether to retrieve another stone to destroy the active portals. Whilst COLUS, OROTHO, Amie and THEXIS were for it. I had a feeling that OROTHO and Amie were with the idea in the name of science and scientific study. COLUS felt strongly that it would aid us in destroying HoN Co.'s plan once and for all. As for THEXIS, I couldn't tell what his motives were. Yet they were all aware that everyone would be entering as a team if we were to proceed.

"Our main argument is the sheer number of unknowns! No-one has any real idea about what the Nether contains. We still can't conclusively say that it has a breathable atmosphere, let alone any non-hostile area to settle to perform these checks! This is supposed to be the place where the undead, Creepers and other mutated foul beasts roam. We know it's not safe, but we know even less if even the portals are compatible with human physiology! For all we know, we could be walking into a meat grinder and not even know it!"

"Actually... That's not strictly true..."

Everyone turned to look at Amie. She sat there in silence for a moment, possibly daunted by the reaction she had received to her comment. But eventually, she stood up, took a deep breath and began to tell us of something we had all known about, but overlooked.

"You're all aware of the first portal HoN Co. found? Well, they sent in an investigative team, which came back with mass amounts of data. HoN Co. knows a lot more about the Nether than anyone does. Even us! Why else do you think they're so adamant to release it into Minecraftia? There's something in there that they want, and it would be idiotic to pass up a chance to go through and find out what it is for ourselves... Especially when you consider that without doing so, we've already lost! Without that stone, all active portals are out of bounds. With their ability to replicate standard portals, who knows how far behind we are already. We can't let them win! If we do, who knows how many lives will be forfeit?!?!"

"Well that still doesn't help us! We can't just stroll up to the CEO of HoN Co. and say 'Hi, we know about your plan and we wondered if we could access those secret files we know you have about the Nether?'! We've no way of getting to them!"

"You forget two things! One, I used to work in the portal cell of HoN Co. so I had access to those files at any time. And two, they store those files in the once place no-one would know about them! Beneath the tower, in the master portal chamber..."

The room fell silent...

     We had it settled. Well... Sort of. It had taken most of the day arguing and bickering before we had actually settled on anything. It was settled to the degree where everyone involved was happy with the decision, though the actual outcome had changed somewhat. Instead of blundering into the Nether as was initially planned, myself, UOPETA, THEROS and Amie are going to head back to the conducting tower off to the North East and infiltrate the master portal chamber, just like the countless number of times we have done before. The only difference being that this time we're looking for something very specific, and we know where it is. Initially we were unhappy with Amie accompanying us. Well, I was fine with it, but UOPETA had his objections. But then she pointed out that she was the only one who knew where they were, and telling them how to access it wouldn't be enough.

"It's behind a sealed wall, much like the actual tower base entrance. There is a concealed pressure pad close by to it which must be activated to open it. Once inside, we can close it behind us and open it again to get out. Inside there is sufficient data to determine whether an expedition into the Nether is safe enough for it to be achievable. I'm quite sure that this evidence is enough to even satisfy all parties."

The plan was essentially this: gain access to the base of the tower, remove all threats through passive means, enter the master portal chamber, activate the sealed wall and gain entry to the data room. As the majority of the team going were originally against the idea of entering the Nether, it would be up to us to convince AMPHIS whether it was a good enough idea based on the evidence we find. Bearing in mind we are convinced enough ourselves... Then we return, take a day or two to prepare and then head back to the previous portal site. That was the one location we knew still had a working portal, and we would have to hope that it worked long enough for us to travel across and get back. Obviously we were going to test the shards on the portal in case it is possible for us to use them without making a pointless journey into the unknown.

"Syeonyx, Amie, UOPETA and THEROS will head off to the tower tomorrow. Re-evaluate your position there and make an informed decision. Come back and show this to AMPHIS. If we are all agreed, we will head into the Nether. If there are still some of us who are against the idea, we will need to reach a compromise. We cannot waste more time arguing, giving HoN Co. the ability to gain ground! They can already replicate portals. Let's not give them the opportunity to get any further! Whilst you're there, check on the primary portal status as well. You removed a few portals so there may have been a change. If not, concentrate on finding that data. If possible, bring the important pieces back. I'm sure Amie can direct you to the reports which will be most convincing..."

Like I said... Settled...

Syeonyx signing off

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