Welcome to "The Diary of a Miner"; a blog detailing the adventures and mysteries that I, Syeonyx, embark upon in my quest to further my mining and survival skills! It'll be tough, there will be good times and bad times, but I'll always be alive to post my adventures... probably...

Base of operations!

     We began to head towards the portal, following the very small tunnel all the way back. It took us a few minutes, but easily within the time limit we were allowed by COLUS. Getting back to the portal, I let UOPETA step back through first, with me quickly following behind. Once again, my vision phased into a rippling purple, and I had to close my eyes! After a few seconds, I stepped forward, eyes open slightly, the purple light seeping away from my sight, and UOPETA and the others came into view. UOPETA had already begun telling COLUS about what we had encountered, and the area you arrive in.

"... small tunnel that leads to a huge open cavern! It's a short walk to get there, but the good thing about is it seems very well sheltered. I would recommend that we set up the base there. There seems to be a large pig-man presence, but I don't think they saw us. Either that, or they didn't care... Ah Syeonyx. Took your time didn't you?"

What? I was like two seconds behind him! Never mind. I confirmed what UOPETA had told the others about the location we arrive in, and COLUS seemed rather happy about the expedition so far, yet he had a slightly bemused look on his face. He never explained why that was...

"Right then. Now we know the way forward is clear and safe, we'll go through the portal in the assigned pairs. Once across, follow UOPETA and Syeonyx to the main area where we can establish a base of operations. Hermes and Chiron will go with you two again, and we'll follow close behind."

I passed through the portal first this time, closing my eyes as the purple light began to cloud my vision. Even with my eyes fully shut, I could still see a tint of purple skimming the edge of my retina. After that faded, I opened them again, and stepped back into the hellish world I had entered moments before. Turning around, I waited for UOPETA to pass through; he was literally seconds behind me, but it took a minute for him to appear. I was incredibly confused by this, and began to wonder if there was a temporal distortion effect taking place. After UOPETA stepped down from the portal, he went off to secure the larger open area we had found, with Chiron and Hermes. A few minutes later, OROTHO and COLUS came through, then THEROS and AMPHIS, and lastly a few minutes later with THEXIS and Amie. Once we were all there, I began to show them the way UOPETA had gone.


     After an hour or so securing the area, we managed to build a few rustic supply points within the little area we had established, along with a crafting bench, and a few beds. We only made six, for two reasons: firstly we needed to ensure at least two people were awake at all times, and secondly - but most significantly - we ran out of materials... We were initially only going to be there for a few hours at most, but once COLUS and OROTHO laid eyes on the sight we saw, they decided it would be best to learn as much whilst we were here as possible.

After everyone was settled in, as much as you can in a strange world, COLUS decided to give us another run-down of the operation.

"Syeonyx, UOPETA and THEROS will go out in your own time and begin the search for the glowing stone that we require to destroy the portals. Meanwhile, the rest of us will remain here to study the area in more detail, in a safe space. If you three find anything that could help us that is accessible, bring it back with you. Judging from the reports though, getting to any of the glowing stone may prove difficult, so I do not want you endangering your life needlessly. When you three are ready, begin to look for the most accessible growth of stone. But take your bow and blowpipes with you. Just in case. For the sake of safety and security, Hermes and Chiron will remain here."

I don't know about the other two, but I was split in half in terms of what to do next. Half of me wanted to explore this place thoroughly, and learn more about this strange dimension. The other half wanted me to bolt back through the portal and never return! Unfortunately, the coward within me was quashed by the fact that it wasn't an optional expedition. I went off with UOPETA and THEROS to talk about what to do next.

"Well there's no point heading straight out when we know very little about what is out there. We haven't even seen a Creeper yet, but there are bound to be hundreds lurking around somewhere. I suggest we use the telescope to scout out the area from the opening as much as possible to give us an idea about where to go, and what terrain to expect."

"Actually, that's not a bad idea. UOPETA may be on to something; I could make a rough sketch of the area around us based on what I can make out through the telescope."

That would actually help us considerably in terms of time and efficiency! THEROS went back to retrieve the telescope, whilst I went with UOPETA to the open area that looked over the huge cavern. It was a terrifying sight, but it was also oddly beautiful. Everywhere you looked there was the tint of red or orange, casting long shadows. The rivers of lava sweeping effortlessly through the land, like veins pumping the lifeblood of the Nether through it! We stood there for some time, mainly waiting for THEROS to get back, admiring the scenery. When he came back, he also had a pen and paper under his arm, and was getting the telescope ready.

"Give me a few minutes to get a feel for the area. COLUS has allowed us this idea by the way. He said it would help us doubly so if ever there is a need to return."

THEROS spent a few minutes surveying the area with the telescope, before handing it over to UOPETA.

"I think I have all I need."

Whilst UOPETA looked at the terrain, I watched THEROS, fascinated by his attention to detail despite the total lack of a reference frame to use. He was drawing totally free hand, and without ever looking up. He was indeed a master cartographer!

"Guess what I just found?"

THEROS didn't even look up from his paper, whilst I went back over to UOPETA. Taking the telescope in hand, he pointed out towards the centre of the cavern, to an elevated point on the ceiling somewhere.

"Do you see it?"

I did indeed. Glowing stone!

"After THEROS is finished with creating a preliminary sketch, we'll head out and see how accessible it is!"

Syeonyx signing off

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