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Day 109: ... I think...

     Since COLUS has already decided that we're not allowed to return to the site of the glowing stone for a few hours, we've all taken it upon ourselves to get some rest. I can only assume the next day has already arrived, as we've been down in the Nether for long enough. When everyone was finally awake, I put the idea of using the Nether as a secondary base to COLUS to see what he thought. I explained the potential benefits in terms of time frames and planning it would have for us over HoN Co., not including the usefulness of finding out more about this place as we continued. I'm sure OROTHO would be more than happy to remain here to study the effects of this temporal distortion, and other things besides. At first, I didn't think he would buy it; despite listening to me intently, his body language and facial expressions seemed to convey the feeling that he didn't like the idea. But after a while, his face softened slightly, and he started nodding to a few points.

"Well it's certainly something up for consideration. The points you make do sound advantageous to us, especially in our current situation, but we would need to inform the entire group, and ensure that they are all happy with that idea. It seems though that THEROS and UOPETA are still unsure about this place, so it's probably for the best that they're part of the team that will go back to Minecraftia to destroy portals."

We talked a little longer on the possibility of establishing a secondary base here in case we needed additional time, and he said he would consider it at the least. He could see if from my perspective, and could understand the advantages to us, but with knowing so little about this place, he didn't want to put any of us in any danger, which is understandable. I know that UOPETA is hesitant to stay in this place, but considering AMPHIS was the one that we were meant to be convincing, he's taken to this place quite well!

     It's been a considerable amount of time since the encounter with the strange squid creature, and we were hoping to get back to the glowing stone and harvest it before it came back. It seems it beat us to it. There is another one of those creatures hovering around near the base rigging for the scaffolding. We're never going to have that stuff mined any time soon. At least everyone else is busy; THEROS is adding detail to his map, and hoping to extend it at a later date, OROTHO and Amie are still working on the formula to work out the time frame lapse between dimensions, and AMPHIS is compiling what they write into reports. It's only me, THEXIS and UOPETA who seem to have nothing to do. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe it's a good idea to try and communicate with this creature. It sounds dangerous, and judging from the reports we found about it, it most likely is, but that shouldn't stop us from trying.

I've put the idea to COLUS and he's downright refused on the basis of safety and security. If one of us emerges from this base, we could potentially lure a whole load of them towards us, and be killed instantly! I think that's a little far-fetched. If someone goes alone, maybe we can attempt to interact with it without generating an atmosphere of aggression. It would be dangerous, but if I went unarmed as well... I don't know... I think I'm just thinking out loud because I have nothing else to do.

     I've been talking to UOPETA and I've somehow managed to convince him to come with me! I've decided that if we can't communicate with it, we'll at least try. If there isn't one there, we can always continue the construction of the rigging and take some of the glowing stone with us. UOPETA was a little uneasy to begin with; I've told him about finishing the scaffolding, and then later mentioned communicating with the creature.

"COLUS isn't going to like this. We're meant to stay here until that thing goes away. Besides, what if that thing attacks us? We'll be dead and no-one will know what happened!"

I explained that with the scaffolding being put there, and the existence of torches and equipment littered around, that thing is unlikely to go anywhere else. Also, as the creature is unlikely to have seen any of this stuff before, it would just as easily attack it as it would us. That unsettles the whole territorial idea a bit. If the creature isn't attacking our equipment, it's not likely to attack us. In the end, he agreed to go, despite no telling COLUS prior to us leaving. It was underhand, but necessary if we were to make any quick progress.

"If anything goes wrong, you're going to have to take full responsibility..."

Indeed I am. I collected a pickaxe from the store, and we made our way through the fenced off area, to the overhang where we could see the small rigging set up in the distance through the telescope. There was no sign of the creature at all, so maybe it wasn't there. Now was our chance! We quietly left the area, descending the stepped area, and headed off to the left, following the torches back to the glowing stone, and the rigging erected beneath it. All the way, we kept a lookout in case the creature decided to choose now to reappear, but it never did. I couldn't hear any shrieking sounds either, so it was unlikely to be too close by either. We managed to get to the site, without attracting any attention at all, aside from the occasionally bemused pig-man who would stare at us. I think they had become familiar with our presence, which made it easier to get on with what we needed to do unhindered.

"Right. It's not here... That's probably a good thing. Let's get this rigging set up and then establish a platform. From there, we can attempt to mine some of the stone, and get back to the others. Let's just hope it's not a hard substance to mine!"

I picked up a plank of wood and began fashioning it into more scaffolding to support the weight of the entire platform, plus us two. As long as we were left alone, this could be finished in a decent amount of time. Hopefully fast enough for the others not to notice we're gone.

     We've finished it! The entire rigging and platform is fully complete, and there is a walkway to reach the top to mine the glowing stone! We're quite tired, and have a few splinters, but it was worth it! There has been no sign of that creature at all since we started, so maybe it operates on a cycle of time, patrolling every now and again.

I threw the pickaxe to UOPETA to allow him to begin mining; there was no point in calling the others if we could mine the stuff now ourselves. He began hitting it with the head of the pickaxe; loud hammering sounds echoed throughout the surrounding area, and I flinched as the sound pierced my eardrums... Then I heard it... Even over the loud hammering, I heard it... The high pitching, piercing shriek... It was back!

Syeonyx signing off

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