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Serious speculation

     AMPHIS didn't reply. He just sat there staring wide-eyed at COLUS, who had mentioned the Elites. The room fell silent for a moment, none of us really knowing what to say or do, all slightly confused about AMPHIS's reaction to these comments.

"What's wrong AMPHIS?"

"What did you say they looked like...?"

"Erm... Black armour, with red eye pieces..."

"That's who I saw..."

"Saw...? What did you see?"

"Down in the chamber... I saw those red piercing eyes... That black armour..."

"But, we thought you said you saw SERVERE down in the chamber...?"

"I did... SERVERE was wearing... That black armour... Those red eyes..."

"Wait, wait, wait. You're saying you saw SERVERE in the chamber, wearing Elite armour? Are you sure AMPHIS? What else do you remember from the chamber? Anything else significant...?"

"Just that armour... I looked right into the faceplate, before it split in two and slid aside, revealing SERVERE's face... The red eyes dulled, and then parted... And there was SERVERE, standing there... Smiling..."

"Yes, but was there anything else? Anything that might help us?"

AMPHIS still seemed to be in a trance-like state, not really sure how to explain it, instead, sitting there gawping like a fish.

"He... Erm... I don't know, there wasn't really anything... Wait, there was something on the back of his armour. When he turned and ran... He... There was something on his back... It was red, but it seemed to pulse... I don't know what it was..."

"Pulsed...? Like a light being dimmed?"

"No, not pulsed... Pulsated more like. Almost like it was a live..."

"I don't know what that could be... I've only heard stories of them, but none ever told of of this pulsating light..."

OROTHO spoke up now, startling us slightly due to our engagement COLUS and AMPHIS, giving his version of what the red pulsating light could be. What he said was chilling, even to think about as a theory, let alone considering it as a fact!

"When working for HoN Co., I was engaged in working on a project which was based around light bending... HoN Co. had this idea that creating a light bending technology might be a great way to hide large buildings from site, but what we worked on was a very small and early prototype, way too small to hide a building. As well as that, we had only managed to bend electromagnetic waves on microwave level due to the small wavelengths."

"I remember that research you were on... Erm... Project... Draglight?"

"That's it... You've read all of my files then...?"

"Project Draglight...? I've never heard of that! Who came up with that name...?"

"It's not surprising you've never heard about it. There was only a very small number who had, and even then they only knew small parts of it. And the name was randomly generated by pulling two random names from a lot. We decided that any project name which suggested the purpose of it was dangerous... So Draglight it was, but even then there were a few who thought that was too obvious..."

"What else did this project involve?"

"Well, it didn't take me or my fellow scientists long to figure out that HoN Co. wanted this for more than just hiding buildings. This was the work of science fiction, and anyone possessing the technology to make this was going to make a fortune, but by this time HoN Co. had poured a lot of resources into it, and were thinking of shelving the idea. At around this time, I decided that HoN Co. was going too far, and left. I had to go into hiding to prevent them from finding me... It's possible that they continued the project after I left, and managed to bring it up to the visible spectrum, in which case, that could be a power unit for a cloaking system..."

"Wait, are you seriously telling me that the Elite are in possession of a shield system that renders them invisible? What chance do we have against HoN Co. with that type of threat out there!"

"I'm only speculating. The red pulsating light could be used to power something else, or just be part of their attire. I don't know..."

"Well, it would account for how SERVERE got away from me so quickly. He could have activated that and slipped away at any time, causing me to give chase to no-one..."

"If that's the case, it opens up the idea of who was watching over us from the cliffs. It could still have been SERVERE if AMPHIS was right in seeing who he said he saw, or it could be a HoN Co. Elite..."

"Alright, we're getting nowhere fast, aside from scaring ourselves from leaving this base. Everyone go and get some rest, you too AMPHIS. We'll meet in the morning and decide on a plan of action with a clear head. We can't get anything sorted out with accusations and speculations flying around..."

I don't think anyone was going to get any sleep, I know I wouldn't be. These Elites sound like something to be definitely worried about, especially if they lived up to their name...Let's just hope that AMPHIS got it wrong, otherwise AMPHIS was essentially saying that SERVERE had survived, only to join the upper echelons of HoN Co. ... Not a good sign.

Syeonyx signing off

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