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Day 128: Better than a head start!

     Being the first to wake up again seems to be the general way things work around here now. But then again, the word "wake" doesn't really apply when I can't really remember getting much sleep in the first place. I don't know about the others, but that was possibly the longest night of my life; the talk about the Elites put me on edge so much that I feared for my safety if I did drift off! It seemed like the later part of yesterday was a dream, and that none of it really happened... Or at least I hoped that was the case, but I knew it wasn't. AMPHIS practically stated that SERVERE was an Elite, and then OROTHO added to that by saying they could become invisible because of their suit powered by a project called Draglight... How much of that was true, I didn't know. All I did know was that I wanted one hundred per cent of that to be a dream! Not feeling up to it, I left the dining area without breakfast and headed towards the lab, hoping to find OROTHO and talk more with him about this Draglight, but once I got there, I couldn't see anyone. I was the only one awake. Turning to leave, I heard some rustling behind me, and instinct kicked in! Taking my blowpipe out, I turned around, fully ready to take anyone on! But all I could see was the top of AMPHIS's head sticking out from a large pile of books stacked on top of the desk.

"Syeonyx? What are you doing up this early?"

I could say the same for AMPHIS! Putting the blowpipe away, I stepped back into the lab, and approached the desk. I just wanted to talk to someone at this point, even if they didn't know more than me. I just needed to be reassured that everything was okay...

"Truth is, I never really went to bed. I went to my room with the rest of you, but came back after about five minutes. I think I've made a leap in terms of finding out who this person was, and it could help us quite dramatically!"

AMPHIS stood up from behind the table and approached me holding a few sheets of paper, with furiously scribbled words on them. Handing them to me, he summarised what he had found out from the recent translations, and realised how useful this could be to us!

"Yesterday before the talk about Elites, I made some headway with the translations. I found a bit that seemed to refer to portals, and going with my gut instinct, I continued. I didn't want to say anything to anyone in case it didn't end up going anywhere, but I was right! These few pages document the search for portals, and ways to destroy them. I know I can't be sure that SERVERE was the person I saw, or that he is now a member of the Elite, but I can almost definitely prove that whoever lived in that wooden shack was not on HoN Co.'s side! And an enemy of our enemy is our friend..."

Flicking through the pages, I found a few references to portals, and could understand where AMPHIS was coming from. This person was trying to find portals to destroy them! That definitely meant they were not with HoN Co.! Unless... Unless it was one large ruse to get us all into thinking we were safe... Unless HoN Co. had formulated this and was trying to trap us!

"I don't think so... The notes seem to be sincere; this person makes reference to HoN Co. with the same level of hatred for them as we do. It's a weak link, but it's possible that this could still be SERVERE..."

But HoN Co. had annoyed so many people, and probably killed many more. This could be anyone! This could be someone like us who hasn't found anyone to rally with yet... They could just be an escaped miner, running from HoN Co., trying to stay alive...

"If that's the case, why do they make reference to the portals; wanting their destruction, and showing a seemingly informed knowledge of the portal operation that HoN Co. have got going. An escaped miner isn't going to know that all from finding a single portal..."

That was true. We only knew so much about the portals because of data we had captured from HoN Co. assets, from Amie and from personal experience with them... An escaped miner isn't going to have a vast knowledge of portals on their own... Even with that many books written by them, at the most you'd only see wild speculations and theories.

"Exactly! And what's more, this person has attempted to destroy the portals themselves! So far they haven't documented any success, but they've indicated locations of some of the portals for future reference. This person doesn't seem to know about how the Solus stone, or the glowing stone only destroys active portals. They obviously don't have access to one, and obviously don't know about the Nether. We've only learnt most of that since you're arrival, and SERVERE wasn't during that time. The evidence is stacking up now."

That may be the case, but if AMPHIS had seen SERVERE down in the chamber, why had he been wearing an Elite armoured suit? Either AMPHIS was suggesting that SERVERE had killed or wounded an Elite enough to take their armour, or they were given it by HoN Co. ... The latter was not a condition I wanted to think about, as it did not look favourable to us if that was the case.

"Unless your theory about him joining HoN Co. as a double agent to protect us from the inside is true..."

There was that. But at the moment we had to deal with the facts. If this person had noted the locations of the portals, was there any way for THEROS to translate them into map coordinates? That would help us immensely; even if some of the were portals we had destroyed, it would mean that this person cannot be all that far from us, and they could help us!

"He could give it a go. I don't really understand the coordinates for maps as it is, but even these look nothing like what I've seen before..."

I told AMPHIS to continue with the translation, whilst I went to wake up the others. This was better than we could have hoped for! Before now, we had nothing to go on; it was suggested that we head out and look for portals based on possible locations theorised by THEROS, but now we had an idea of some definite places, and that was way better than a head start!

Syeonyx signing off

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