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Secondary portal nostalgia

     We headed back out the way we came, with UOPETA at the front this time. Heading back up and out was more difficult than heading down and in; not only did we have to think about where to place our hands and feet to get out, but we also had to worry about not falling back down. Luckily we had UOPETA with us, and within slightly longer than it took to get down, we were out again. Following the brightly lit torches that lined our way back, removing them as we went, we quickly made our way back to the surface. It felt good to be back out, and it hadn't started raining or snowing either, so that was a bonus.

"That's another one down. The next one is off to the... Erm... West I suppose. We're coming up to the ice crossing, so we'll have to take it easy after this next one."

THEROS showed UOPETA the map so he had a good idea which direction to head in. After studying it a moment, he nodded, handing it back. Before THEROS put it away however, he let me have a look at it; so far he had crossed all of the ones we had visited, including the one that I had destroyed months back. We were making good progress, and if we could a few more before the end of the day, even better.

"Let's get going then."

We set off towards the West along the coast; UOPETA seemed to be happier with the coast along to our right. It meant there was less work for him keeping us safe, but with the entire area being an open field, and the fog having lifted last night, we were able to see quite far ahead of us. All we had to do was head up to the top of any nearby hill, which we ended up doing anyway. We left the snowy area behind, in favour of the large open fields and green grass. Well, muddy browny green grass, thanks to the large rainfall we had. It wasn't long however until we noticed a drop in temperature, and began to see small patches of snow and ice off in the distance.

"I think we're getting close... See those snow-topped trees over there? That's over the ice crossing."

"Let's hope we find somewhere warm to shelter then, if we're settling in an area covered with snow."

THEROS took out the map again, and observed that we were close to the location. We split up again and began searching individually, and I couldn't help but ascend the nearest hill and look out over the West over the ice crossing. It was surprisingly beautiful despite the temperature and the current situation.

THEROS followed me up the hill, and stood beside me as I looked out across the ice.

"Yeah, we've got a challenge crossing that. I hope UOPETA is multi-terrain aware, otherwise we could be taking an unwanted dip in some very cold water... Not again after yesterday thank you very much!"

I laughed, agreeing with him; from this distance, the ice looked reasonably thick, at least thick enough to walk over. But then again, I knew the dangers of ice and walking on it. It's always thinner than you initially think, and even if it meant backtracking a little to find a safer route, I was wondering if that would be the better option. Then again, after looking back at the map, we didn't really have that option; unless we backtracked quite a way then it was the ice crossing or another swim... Not an option as far as I was concerned. We joined UOPETA in the search, but it wasn't necessary as in our absence he had already found the entrance. Well, one entrance, but it was hard to think where else it could be.

"The location points us to a large, flat part of a sandy beach. You really think it's going to be on the surface?"

"It has been before... On quite a few occasions actually!"

"Let's just get down here and destroy this one."

THEROS took the glowing stone from his pocket and confirmed the existence of a portal nearby; the orange hue seemed to brighten our spirits somewhat since the drop in temperature.

THEROS led the way once more, placing torches around, to aid us, but the passage down only wound around twice, with the light from a portal in sight at the entrance. We didn't know at the time, but this portal was rather significant. As we got closer to the portal, we noticed the walls adorned with mass quantities of moss. I began to remember the other portals which were located in small chambers with similarly coated walls, and the theory I had come up with that might link the two. I had meant to mention it to OROTHO, but with recent events, it wasn't all that high on my priority list. Nor was it likely to be of much importance to anyone else. With the primary portal status rising, talk of SERVERE linked to HoN Co. and the Elite, we had other more important issues to deal with for now.

"Well how about that! A secondary portal!"

"What? A secondary portal?"

"Yes, look. The small appendages on either side of the portal. Either that's a standard portal that's been added to, or, more likely, it's a secondary portal."

Coming down the final few steps, and stepping into a place where I could see properly, I was able to make out the small appendages that UOPETA mentioned. We had found a secondary portal! Finally!

With previous experience, we knew not to blunder straight into the chamber; UOPETA had been badly injured when a skeleton came from a concealed entrance, but as we cautiously entered, we saw no entrance in sight. Thinking it would be faster with only one of us, THEROS entered the chamber, placed the stone on the base and stepped back towards us. With the original Solus stone being destroyed by a Creeper coming through the portal, we decided not to risk it. After the portal was destroyed, THEROS retrieved the stone, and we headed back towards the entrance. Once there, THEROS took out the map and crossed the latest portal from the map.

"Right then... Across the ice we go. Let's hope nothing unexpected happens..."

"Don't jinx it THEROS. We have enough to worry about without the ice breaking beneath our feet."

No we didn't...

Syeonyx signing off

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