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OROTHO's positive influence

     We were able to once again begin making progress with the tunnel, after the bracing and wall plug went in. We had uncovered a small cavern that stretched across the tunnel which could jeopardise the security of the tunnel, so it was decided that the best option was to plug it up with iron plating. It required a lot of iron, but we had plenty to spare, and plenty left for the remaining doors and tunnel bracing. With the final design set out for the security systems to implement, COLUS was now helping AMPHIS and Joe smelt the iron ore into ingots, and then help OROTHO shape it into bracings. It was hard work, for all of us, but me, THEROS, THEXIS and UOPETA had the luxury of not working in a stiflingly hot environment! instead, we were working in a cool tunnel, deep beneath the ground, pounding through the rock and stone before us! It wasn't easy work, as my muscles had begun to complain, but it was definitely preferred. I always hated too much heat, and working in those conditions would slowly turn me insane...We had managed to put some distance between us and the iron plating that plugged the hole, so we were able to gauge our progress more accurately.

"Let's just hope we don't hit any more tunnels or natural caverns. It certainly makes for a change of pace, but its very iron intensive to plug them up! One is enough for this project!"

I agreed. Even though we were practically swimming in iron at the moment, we still had to be reserved in our nature about using it. There was a very long way to go just simply connect the tunnel to the outer area of the conducting tower, let alone the other areas that COLUS wanted to connect to. A connection to my old house, the HoN Co., the remains of the obsidian farm were all possible locations due to their value in terms of position. Unfortunately, HoN Co. held them all, and the only way to get close enough was either in small groups, which wasn't feasible, or underground. It's obvious to see which method we had chosen... As we stopped for a little break to gain our breath, we observed OROTHO, Joe and Amie coming down into the tunnel. We hadn't reached the next support brace just yet, so why were they coming here now...? Then as they drew closer, the components of a security door became visible in their hands, with THEXIS and COLUS in the background carrying the actual door! They stopped approximately twenty metres away from us, and began to ready the wall close to the bracing. From what I could remember about the idea for the security door, the bracings would be put into place and the tunnel would be continued. Then a brace at a predetermined position would be removed and replaced with large iron plating on rollers. A series of pistons, which OROTHO was carrying, would be position behind the wall, embedded beyond the door. Once the correct circuitry was wired into place, and the appropriate lever flicked, the door would slide into place, providing a very tight and secure seal. The others had noticed that we were watching them, and OROTHO almost took on an air of smugness, as he went about laying out the cabling, and helping COLUS remove the rivets from the bracing.

"Having fun? Don't lock us on this side by the way!"

"Not if we can help it! Anyway, get back to work. Everyone is meant to be working at full capacity! You look like you're lying around!"

"We're having a rest, it you must know... It's very tiring this is... An all over body workout. All that does is tax your brain..."

"True, but mental exhaustion leads to physical exhaustion... Anyway, that's enough staring. We're working, you should be working."

With all of us laughing, we set back to work, with the sounds of hammers banging, scraping metal and raised voices coming from behind us. It made a nice backdrop to the work, and removed the air of monotony that had risen slightly in their absence.

     In the time it's taken them to fully install the first security door, get it working, and test it, we've been able to march ahead quite some distance! We had no idea how far we were beneath the ground, and had to worry about the possibility of underground springs, but so far, we had made excellent progress. Heading back to the base to rest and have something to quench our thirst and growling stomachs, we stopped by at OROTHO and Joe, who were tinkering away with the wiring and control units. They hadn't noticed us, and we continued to watch in silence. A smile crept on to UOPETA's face, and then he announced a question quite loudly, startling the pair of them!

"So! How's it going?"

"GAH! Don't do that!"

"It's only a question... But seriously, how goes the progress...?"

"Before or after you gave me a heart attack? We've managed to install the actual door itself. The rollers along the bottom run in a set of grooves which maintain the integrity of the door without compromising security. We've had to push the ceiling bracing into the rock a little more so the door would fit, but by mirroring the rollers and grooves on the top as well, it slides in seamlessly! The wiring works great, but only on this side... We'll have the same setup as the entrance for the cliff mine. Provided it is locked on this side, it cannot be opened from the other! However, we're implementing a fail-safe so it can still be opened from this side if it's locked from the other, but not vice versa. That's our current issue at the moment. We've got the fail-safe working, but it works on both sides..."

"Well we're off to get something to eat. Do you boys want anything getting on our way back? I know what you're like OROTHO; left to your own devices, you wouldn't eat or sleep until you fall down dead..."

"I can't help the dedication to my job..."

"Don't worry OROTHO, we're not questioning your dedication. Just your health... So, is that a yes or a no?"

Joe opted for anything that was edible and a drink, whilst we managed to force OROTHO to ask for water... He was hard work sometimes, but he was brilliant!

     Returning from our rest and getting something to eat, we had the flask of water for Joe and OROTHO, along with a sandwich and some chicken for Joe. Giving it to them on our passing, we went towards the end of the tunnel and resumed work. Our full bellies soothed the tired and aching muscles to the degree where it was no longer a chore, and I had begun to enjoy it again. It wasn't long that we had started again, when there was a cheering sound from behind us, and the sight of the door closing behind us! Dropping the pickaxe, we raced towards the door, knowing it was too late, but speeding up all the same. Reaching the door, we halted abruptly and hammered on the door. Laughter and cheering was all that could be heard on the other side, albeit rather faintly.

"Alright, very funny. Open up..."

The laughter continued on the other side, whilst THEROS tried flicking the switch up and down, yielding no movement from the heavy iron door.

"Yeah, it looks like they fixed the fail-safe issue..."

The laughter stopped, and the door began to slide aside again, very slowly, revealing Joe and OROTHO looking like a pair of immature teenagers! It was good to see OROTHO so happy and elated, but not at our expense...

"Let's not be doing that again... It's dangerous and stupid... And you know I'm going to get you two back for that, don't you?"

They said nothing; they collected their tools and moved back to the lab with smirks on their faces. I was beginning to think that Joe was a positive influence on OROTHO; he'd helped him come out a little, and show his more expressive side. A side we never even knew existed within him! Heading back to the far end of the tunnel, we resumed the excavation of the stone wall before us. It would be the end of the day soon, and the progress we had made so far was promising. We would likely have to make a surface hole to determine our location, but we would need to be extremely careful to ensure that we did not emerge underneath a river! That was the last thing we needed...

Syeonyx signing off

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