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Day 121: End Men and portals

     Translating the book that we found - "Finis" - actually took longer than we had initially anticipated, and AMPHIS got very little rest last night because of it. Although, now we have a complete translation of the book, more or less, so we should be able to make something of its contents now! After everyone was awake, we met in the discussion room, with AMPHIS looking through the papers and book pages to clarify everything before he started.

"We've come to believe you may have translated the purpose of the book...? What do you make of it?"

"Very little... It's hard to say because it's so difficult to understand... There is constant reference to 'finis', which we already deduced meat 'the end', but there seems to be very little context used for it. The 'homis finis', or 'end man' is also used quite a lot in the pages following this image, but that too is unclear as to who or what it is... From what I can make out, the book references a time called 'the end'... Something happens which doesn't make a lot of sense: floating islands, the coming of the end men, strange obelisks..."

"Are you saying this may be, a religious book? Every religious holy book makes reference to the final end of humanity... The apocalypse, Qiyamah... Call it what you will, but it's all the same... Is that all this book is?"

"No, it's more than that. Well, actually less than that; all of these religious endings have a purpose, a place, a meaning. This book merely states the 'coming of the end', with little to no reference or detail there on. Life just... Ends... There's no cause, there's no purpose... Just... An end..."

"Well how do these, end men come into this then? How are they linked?"

"I don't know... Maybe they bring about the end, or are seen shortly before the coming of the end... It's hard to tell, the book doesn't go into much detail..."

"Well, if that's the case, what is the rest of the book about?"

"As odd as it sounds... Portals..."

"Portals? How do you mean?"

"The book states that the portals were once used for some grand-scale communication or transportation system... I can't quite work it out; both references to communication and transport were used, so maybe it's both. Anyway, the portals were used to allow some ancient beings to send information or items to each other over long distances..."

"What? Like... Teleportation....?"

"I don't know, possibly... There's no mention whether the portals in the book are the same ones we're encountering now, but it's possible they are the same ones."

"But... I thought the portals only led to the Nether...? How could a system work for ancient beings in two separate dimensions?"

"Like I say, I don't know. Maybe the portals were altered or changed to allow inter-dimensional exchange... Or maybe the portals only work properly for these ancient beings... It's possible the portal is able to detect the life-form stepping through it and..."

"Woahh woah woah, this is getting too sci-fi for my liking. Can we stick to the facts. What else does the book say?"

"Very little actually... A good two fifths of the book is just empty pages... It's like it's unfinished. The last bit certainly seems to suggest that..."

"How so?"

"Well it's already been established that these end men have some link to the end, but just as it seems the book is going into detail about them, it stops. The last thing it says is 'The beginning of the End is near. It is but a short time until they are here."... That's not the literal translation though..."

" 'They'? Is that referring to these end men?"

AMPHIS shrugged. This book didn't seem anywhere near as straight forward to understand as the Codex Solis... What was 'The End'? Was this some other apocalyptic prediction with it's own twist? Or was it something more sinister...? If you could get more sinister than the end of the world!

"So what have we actually gained from translating this then...?"

"Very little... We could be approaching the beginning of The End tomorrow or in a billion years time... Portals were used to send information or objects across long distances, and were utilised by ancient beings, and these End Men are connected in some way... Although I doubt they even exist... Unless..."

"Unless what...?"

"Unless these End Men are the ancient beings that the book refers to... Is it possible... Nah, I doubt it..."

"What? What is it?"

"Well, I was wondering... If these beings used portals for communication and transportation, maybe they're linked to the master portal..."

A silence descended on the room, and remained for some time as we each thought about what AMPHIS had just said... Eventually, UOPETA spoke up.

"Are you suggesting that the master portal might not actually merge the Nether and Minecraftia...? That it might... Start the End...?"

"I don't know... But it seems that they're linked in some way. It adds an entirely new level of threat to the activation of the master portal. One that not even HoN Co. is aware of! I can't say with one hundred per cent accuracy; the translation might be a little off..."

"Well there's nothing more we can do now, except continue with what we were doing. AMPHIS, if you can make any more sense of that book, try. Syeonyx, THEROS and UOPETA? Go back to the cliff mine and continue extracting iron. If you find anything else relating to the book, you come back immediately. Let's just hope, for HoN Co.'s sake, that AMPHIS interpreted that bit incorrectly..."

We all left the discussion room, in silence.

Syeonyx signing off

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